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  • pompano_johnny pompano_johnny Aug 23, 2013 8:25 AM Flag

    Market is Saturated With Smiths/Morpho's ETD Gear

    Their DEEP pockets will get the extension of their equipment for all of 2014 essentially cutting the head of IMSC. You think these powerhouses aren't working on just that? You bet they are. Why so slow with imsc products? Big money slowing the process down as well.

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    • this si not going to happen but only hope to hold IMSC down.........but the stock always tanks a little before a big move up

    • lnsideoutsideupsidedown lnsideoutsideupsidedown Aug 23, 2013 10:54 AM Flag

      You seemed to have missed the TSA stating they are capitalizing their old etd equipment with new equipment and expanding ETD use. It doesn't sound like Smith's/Morpho will be players unless they have new products that we are unaware of.

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      • gary_bartlett Aug 23, 2013 11:10 AM Flag

        agreed, not only unaware of, but they would have to go through the whole approval process. They need to prepare a qualification data packet (QDP), then the TSA needs to review the QDP and accept it, RD&E, readiness testing, readiness development, then into independent tests and evaluations followed finally by field tests. The whole process takes years!!!

        The thing I'm a little doubtful of is that even though their products expire by EOY, I have a hard time to believe they will all instantly be pulled & retired. Trust me, I'd be thrilled if they were ;-)

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      • Pompano Johnny hits the nail on the head.

        An extension for smith and morpho is very high probability. The US does not want one vendor. It will soon be too late for imsc to replace all the old technology thus the justification for the extension.

        The EXTENTION gives them the time they need to develop competing products

        The new products make the 220 a good but not unique product

        This scenario makes imsc a forgotten company 16 months from now. More forgotten than it is now.

        A grand opportunity wasted.

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