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  • manferfish manferfish Sep 6, 2013 11:25 AM Flag

    Pathetic bashers and shills

    They Work-work- work- work so hard yet cant get anyone to sell (8k in 2hrs). Shows to me that most shares are held tightly by confident hands that know what we own and have the fore sight, patience and resources not to listen to this continous stream of negative advice and opinions from competitors' shils and penny flipping shorts (or traders?)... When real news occurs we will see some serious interest, until then we can all have good laughs at these folks ...JMHFO...

    Sentiment: Hold

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    • rxdavemull Sep 6, 2013 4:07 PM Flag

      the bashers are settling foe 5 cents here and 3 cents there.I am looking for a double or triple.So I am buying and holding at this price.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • I cry with laughter how many times bozo...I mean Buff continues to antagonize "permafrost longs" that bought in at an average cost well below his. He is nothimg more than an envious bag of doodie. What a way to live a life.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • $1.56 to $1.06 in nine months and you claim there are no sellers

      You are a pathetic shill..anyone who has listened to you has lost a lot of money

      You are a flat out pumping shill who is costing people great losses

    • You're the Con-Man that told encouraged people to buy in $1.30+ over the past year and they lost money. We are trying to let people know that this is NOT a sure thing like you and co-conspirators woud like everyone to believe. Manferish, you going to pay back everyone you scammed into this stock should things go south?

      You'll be long alright. LONG gone....................................

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      • I bought at 1.33 at a massive loss now. Can't sell until it goes back up.

      • You know well that I have always called IMSC a 'speculative' investment and only express MY opinion and DONT tell people to buy or sell. I do call out those that pretend to have a position or try to compare a 'speculative' stock with established stocks.
        I certainly express my Opinion that IMSC is a fair "risk to reward" and do disagree with you that shares bought even now may have good appriciation in the future like many of my shares already have done in the recent past.
        I dont spend the effort to post hundreds of times repeating my opinions or denegrate other's opinions except people like You....Good luck with your techniques..
        LMAO at youall squirming because of the threat that IMSC, with it's TSA approval and disruptive technologies, will be displacing your S and M machines or because youall have made bad bets against this American company's future.
        Congrats on some of the past successes youall shills/shorts have made and I hope it provided beer and rent money...JMHFO...

        Sentiment: Hold

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