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  • malcolm10th malcolm10th Oct 28, 2013 3:36 PM Flag


    Today has reduced the risk by a factor of 10. I didnt want ever admit it, but we WERE invested in a risky pennystock. Had Glenn not stirred a conservative course and stuck to his core beliefs, he could have run the ship into rocks. Also DMRJ is a valuable partner. If you have time logg on to Platinum Partners and tell them thanks too. Everyone puts their socks on in the morning the same way, so they will appreciate whatever comments you have. Hopefully, we might even have a comment from Mr Landsman soon. That thar is is a man with steel nerves.

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    • Malcolm I couldn't agree more. One has to disregard all the happy talk sometimes if one is not going to go down with the titanic. This company has to start producing and selling product full tilt to survive. A penned contract from one or more of the large players would nullify the debt but it has to happen within a month or two. It should happen- no reason why not and the latest news reinforces that. The only thing that could hurt us is if the old etd's retest successfully or a waiver is granted. Neither s nor m might pass retest, and I think the latest news reflects a waiver is now unlikely. To tell the truth, I was ready to jump ship until yesterdays news came. I've been waiting a long while and watched a lot of other opportunities go by. This stock has been hovering around my average. Right now I think I'll stay a little longer. If very fortunate news comes, and now I think it might, I'll stay the whole duration.

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      • Two things to consider and watch for. 1) Uptick of hiring especially in Assembly. 2) Also do the Itemiser 500? being used at the airports have any time left on them?

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      • Yes I know your feelings Dival on taking the heat and not wanting to be the last rat , but experience is either a wonderful lover or horrible witch. You cant have someone else's experience. And I dont need to tell you, but I will for emphasis, If you dont know what you have now, you will be waking up with the latter If you are out of the money when IMSC breaks out.

        I loved TD's bringing up the "Sopranos" the other day...."You probably don't even know when it happens, right?".......Man that is a classic. Good luck.

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    • SCHILL ALERT! Thank Platinum/DMRJ for what? Smashing the share price after TSA approval? For charging 15% interest? This stock will move when those parasites are finally out of the picture. Have a nice day.

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    • IMSC is going to rise above the penny stock level that much is certain. IMSC is an anomaly in the world of stinky pinkies: it is legit, just passed the ultimate test (TSA QUALIFICATION), and it's going to rise in price big time. Screw those that have it in for this gem of a company.

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