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  • Sagger98 Sagger98 Jun 12, 1998 1:13 AM Flag

    Chiron is such a peice of crap...

    ... I wish I had never invested in it.

    Don't we all agree? Really, think about it before you reply.

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    • cpt,

      what phase is menc? is it still being
      tested in mice?? maybe knighton know better than simply
      to hype stuff that is still under r&d and
      preclinical. as for the gene therapy currently in human trail,
      where's the ind and the nda? when was it filed?? i would
      also be crazy if i was constantly solicitated by you
      to post or hype up chir. knighton's career and ass
      is on the line here, you know.

      another thing,
      lance has been in chir since may, and we are yet to
      hear what he's got to say. infact, he hasn't even have
      a company wide meeting to present his goals and
      vision for chir, if any. you keep mentioning the 1 bil
      chir has in the bank, without a clearly define goal,
      that bil will be gone very quickly.

      i suggest
      chir start buying back their stock, if they can find
      the valuation in its own stock (1 bil will reduce the
      total outstanding by 35% and float by almost 80%) this
      will be easy to implement and maybe put a little life
      back into the stock. just my two cents

      have a great forth.


    • flu is not killed..they have several programs
      ongoing and with project reap they will advance the best
      ones along the clinic week i will try to
      get more info on ex-mrk emp coming
      chiron..haven't heard of anymore but it wouldn't suprise
      also think that rusty williams calls the shots in this
      area..first vac
      that is along the path is the menC which
      should have results
      prior to yr end..then comes the
      pipeline of products..followed
      by preclinical data from
      liu..the point is they have an extensive
      program and
      with liu just getting here it would be amazing to
      think that she would have anything other than preclinic
      to begin with..she adds to our breadth and depth
      ..her knowledge will
      help with all our ongoing for knighton..i was accused of wine g and dining
      him..haven't ever net the man..several times i have driven his
      department crazey with strong ideas of what chiron should be
      doing with the press..other co talk of curing mice of
      cancer..while we have gene therapy in human trials and say
      nothing..response is we don't want to hype and give artificial hope
      to cancer victims.i respect his stance but would
      like to see more press..facts presented by lance and
      knighton help silence some of the false statements made on
      this board.

    • After boasting about how great their intranasal
      flu/adjuvant mix works especially in adult population (in the
      hey days of Dr. Dino Dina) and a much waited (4-5
      years i guess) Phase I clinical trial that never
      materialized, the word is that Chiron recently killed their
      nasal flu project. A little bird told me that a senior
      scientist working on this project is leaving Dr. Liu's
      group following this decision. Can anybody from chiron
      confirm this? Boy what else is left in their vaccine

      Looks like there are an awful lot of ex-Merck people
      (from their much talked about DNA-vaccine group)landing
      in Dr. Liu's group (including herself) at Chir. Is
      Merck doing somekind of a house-cleaning or what? Why
      are they letting all these people go? I did not see
      any news story in the past several months since she
      is at chir, describing what new technology (that is
      not already patented by Merck/Vical) that Dr. Liu has
      brought to chir and what are the future prospects for DNA

      Care to comment on these issues captain? I made a good
      amount of money on this baby and I am also long just
      like you. At the current price I think it is indeed an
      excellent buy.


    • while checking the web pages for the aids
      seperate presentations on il-2 to take place
      amazed that some good news promps the negative
      to mention new drugs..i guess regranex
      doesn't count
      yrt jnj is bullish on this
      product.pipelines are the seeds of future products and we have
      that..while we wait for the "crop"to come
      in we expand
      what we compare us to somatagen..i use to
      give you credit-but to compare a co with zero
      and only research rev to chiron is beyond any logic
      you may have..chiron saves lives..provides services
      to people in
      has lagged the mkt-no
      arguement--it frustrates all of us to be a 16$ stock..but they
      have made progress and i believe much more is on the month i will stay and talk to the masses!
      for only first hand contact is with the
      aids community in atlanta where my brother is a
      dr..and they too are excited about the probes and the
      ease of use.

    • cpt,

      unlike yourself, the bulk of the
      biotech investing community thrives on the "hope" factor
      more than any fundamental. hyping and recycling old
      news will get you no where.

      what chir need is
      new product and convince the investment crowd out
      there that they have invented the magic bullet for hiv,
      or hcv, or cancer. without this "hope" factor, i can
      see chir joining syntec and somatogen in the biotech

      just in case you missed out on all my
      posts over the last year, i am long in chir and i will
      be kissing my stock option goodbye in a couple of
      weeks. keep up the good hype, and


    • past performance is no guarenty of future
      profits. While there has been steady improvement in the
      sales of Aredia and IL-2 (and now a new indication for
      Betaseron) these are incremental changes when compared with
      revenues generated by new products.

      New products
      excite the biotech market, not retreads. The incremental
      improvements will only maintain the Chiron stock price at
      current levels. You may not like it but that is the
      psychology of the biotech market.

    • Chiron has a market cap of almost $3B US. A
      $100MM US "run rate" is a drop in the bucket. As for
      Betaseron (Betaferon in Europe), it is getting killed by
      Avonex and COP-1: it has a 27% market share and falling
      fast. (Does Chiron have anything to do with European
      sales anyway?)

      Chiron has little going for it at
      the moment, but new management and maturing projects
      may change that.

      Wish you luck with your
      Chiron investment.

    • first my mission is to tell the truth as i see
      it..sorry if you consider that for old drugs
      perhaps you forgot what the chiron sales team did with an
      old drug called aredia.facts are
      they took it from
      18 million to a run rate of close to 100
      for my pocket..i have stated i'm a major holder
      chiron and i understand what it means to be an for potential of il-2 it seems the past yr the
      number of vials sold
      increased and betaseron is
      making headway in the web and you will
      see many in the medical community are studing both
      drugs..they must have some reason..hopefully you will read
      why soon!

    • it may be awhile before approval but as long term
      user of il2, i know for myself it works. i know of
      many others who have had a positive experience.
      subcutaneous administration makes il2 a practical drug.
      present anti hiv drugs encounter resistance, il2 does
      not. (a very few people have produced 1l2
      i agree with previous postings...il2 will soon grab
      some headlines

    • captain,

      i am sure you are hyping chir for
      the sake of your pocket book. but i think your effort
      will be more rewarding if you stop recycling the old
      stuff and look to the future. both il2 and betaseron
      have been out for years now, and if there were more
      upside potential to them, don't you think that the
      scientific and medical communities would have jumpped at
      them already???

      and for pdgf, it only lifted
      chir by 10% on its debut late last year, what makes
      you think that there will be more upside

      that's all...


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