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  • mmuddassir mmuddassir Nov 24, 2009 1:29 PM Flag

    Why people are bashing this stock so much

    A good news will sky rocket this stock.

    It cannot go any lower than this. Assets=14m, Liabilities=3m. Very good company. Compare it with other companies in similar conditions. They are much higher.

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    • On 11/3, the company announced a reduced press release schedule. They can't even tell the truth about how often they are going to lie.

    • LOL!!! Thats all they post two to three times a day and look at the price...sorry thats a bad arguement. The evidence really is stacked against your theory and this company.

    • I am sorry guys, I have just reported to SEC and joining the bashing group.

    • then go buy as much as you can....

      one smart guy ask this when they see the stats that you shows us..
      Q:why don't they buy back all their shares if the numbers is real and really that good... an dinstead they keep selling more shares..
      A: here's my answer..

      very very good question.

      the answer is, it takes money to buy back stock. what they want is to take money from you and me. so they sell more shares. it doesn't matter what the book value or PE ratio is. or whether they issue a PR stating that the stock is worth $50 cents or $1 in their opinion. They will continue to sell millions and millions of shares right udner our nose.. and it's all disclosed in the filings (both nwmt and cctr).

      maybe they will do a small buyback just to answer your curiosity (like a 300,000 shares buyback costing them like $100,000. at that time the stock was at 30 cents when they did one buy back). but then many more millions shares sold at a lower price than that. just to throw everyone off guard.

      btw, I'm not a basher, but past victim of PV dilution game (but a legal game which is unfortunate).

      you hit the nail on the head. it's as simple as this. if they really make money as much as they make, I will take the company private (borrow money from bank to buy the stock and use the cash flows and balance sheet to pay the loan). payback period tops 2 years. but that's not going to happen..cause it's easier to keep selling shares, reverse split it, and then dilute again..

      I don't know how better to explain it...

      but there will always a newborn sucker everyday getting their money sucked by PV...

    • "A good news will sky rocket this stock.

      It cannot go any lower than this. "


      Once Mr. Verges releases all those "innovative" technologies to market. moves to the Nasdaq and issues the dividends.This fuckin thing is going through the roof.
      Shareholders should put their trailers on the market and take out a mortgage on a house in Beverly Hills.

    • Calling a scam what it is.

      Not a good company.

      How does a company they are doing business with give them a 30 million contract when the total revenues for last year for that same company was less than 5 million? The world economy has not come full swing to a recovery, so explain to me how?

      How does a subsidiary they are looking at buying get their future earnings projections forecast increased in their PR 1900% over last years earnings for that same subsidiary of China Radio. Yes that 20 million projected revenue for that company is 1900% more than they made last year. If that is the case why would China Radio sell?

      When you are pumping your PR's that hard and have an increase in OS of well over 300%, that would be a pump and dump fraud.

    • Because they have no life. Heck they most likely still live with their parents, and their mother probably still cuts the crust off their lunch sandwiches.. They will not be able to handle the truth, which I am putting forth here because they live in a life of denial. It most likely started in the adolescent years while watching people do something, on a hunch or feeling and not asking them for any advice. This of-course has made them hateful, jealous, and longing for someone to say your a genius Forest, but yet that has and most likely never will happen. They now think that people of conviction like CCTR longs, will lose sleep reading their post of hate and un-thought of stupidity. When in reality, CCTR longs just feel sorry for them, and their families...

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      • Quit being naive about this company. They are running out of a $527 per month lease in China, but claim to have 250 employees. What other CEO pumps 2-3 times a day, webcasts, promises a short squeeze/$.30 valuation/paid for analyst reports, etc?

        In the same time he is diluting 600% for the quarter. This is just like his pump and dilute stunt with DFTS and NLAI. Once he is done with this shell, he will move on.

        I hope you don't have much invested. You will lose all money, and I'm not even being rude.

    • I has gone down almost every day for the last 3 months.

    • I has gone down every day for the last month.

      That is why people are bashing it...