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  • atwapa atwapa Feb 16, 2010 4:58 PM Flag

    These bashers are some of the dumbest people on the boards.


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    • millions shares bought recently

    • I guess you are very smart. You probably mortgage your house to buy this undervalue stock.

      What is the rest of the story? Smart guy?

    • and you really think you're smart for "finding" this gem? LOL!

      and all of PV's shells are down at least 99.7%. Thanks for playing.

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      • stevo, you're now exhibiting obsessive-compulsive behavior, along with all your other neuroses that you so proudly broadcast for all to see.

        To speculators, down 99.7% sounds like a good time to buy.

        Just because you bought too early doesn't mean everyone else will forever.

        stevo, you seem to think your posts can actually affect people's decisions about investing in CCTR or NWMT. How many people do you honestly think you have "saved" from speculating on CCTR or NWMT? Compare that number to the number of current shareholders who own the stock that you bash every day (with false accusations, distortions, and outright lies).

        If you think there are fewer shareholders than there are people who read your posts and don't invest, your delusions are even more grand than we already know.

        Or, if your posts are motivated by "revenge", and if you think your posts are actually damaging to the company, then aren't you damaging more people (all shareholders) than "saving" people who actually read this board and don't invest?

        stevo, tell us again how you only want to help people.
        Then tell us you don't hate the shareholders.
        Tell us how you aren't envious of current shareholders who are poised for big gains any day, while you stew over your locked-in loss (from years and years ago!).
        Tell us you don't root for CCTR and NWMT to fail, you just want everyone to sell it off.

        You alone are building the only barriers to your healing. Stop and think it through.

    • No it's not. NWMT is. Unfortunately, both stocks are in the same leaky boat with PV at the helm guiding it towards the rocks.

    • Try putting the blame where it really belongs. A few people posting negative on the stcck cannot be the reason it sells for a penny per share.