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  • stevobama stevobama Jul 22, 2010 6:07 PM Flag

    Interesting post on the NWMT board

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    • StevO, do you blindly believe everything you read, or just the bs that supports your angst filled hate of Phil? I read the post and it sounded like bs to me, because CCTR reports 10-Q's & 10-K's, and they growing the business with 101% revenue gains and 487% earnings gains, also Phil is a West Point grad who served his country with honor, have you?

    • I worked for 3 different IT servicing/ development companies. The first company did $50 million in sales. We had two large buildings. We had labs, sales rooms, marketing offices, assistants, IT call center, IT implementation, etc. You can't do this with no employees. I have yet to see any proof that they have employees.

      I can promise you there is red flags coming out of this operation. If you choose to believe, that is fine.

    • I will just say this for everyone that thinks this is real. Just drive by the company. Look at the "reported" revenue. Look at their current auditor. Figure out their only clients are pollard-kelly clients. Do the DD on that. Look at the month to month lease in China at $527. Look at the amount of dilution per quarter (Hundreds of millions). Look at the stock drop of all PV's shells. They are all down at least 99.9%. That is amazing results...:)

    • <<I don't agree with this statement.
      Most otc & pinksheet companies have to sell more stock to grow the business, because they can't get the financing more established companies get.>>

      Whether you agree or not, has nothing with it, because Phil Verges has said himself that CCTR has difficulty getting financing because its listed on the otc exchange, and thats why he's in the process of trying to get listed on one the top three trading boards(NYSE, Amex, Nasdaq).

    • "So have you ever owned 1m shares in any company? If not, this is your chance."

      You're a fu/cking retard.

    • <<I've never claim to know all, but I do have 10 years of history of PV.>>

      Yikes, ten years, some might think thats an obsession.

      <<Drive by a public company that does IT Serving in the multi-million dollar revenue range. It takes a large operation to handle IT services. There are meeting rooms, labs, sales people, accounting, marketing, assistants, and general staff for implementation. Look at the parking lot and look at the facilities of the Dallas office.>>

      CCTR does most of its business in China, the Dallas office is just their World HQ's.

      <<Please tell me if still believe. You can go by a $20 million dollar operation and they will have multiple people in their accounting department. PV had issues with his last 2 auditors. The current one works from home with no other employees. Seems to be very unlikely that he is pulling all this off with almost no employees.>>

      I can only report what I read on CCTR's financial sheets, and it states they employee 227 people world wide, and grew revenues 101%, and grew earnings by 487% this past quarter compared a year ago's 1st quarter.

      <<I'm trying to keep money in your pocket.>>

      Thats nonsense! I don't even know you, and it makes you sound like a NY shister, when you say stuff like that.

    • Why everything that has "China" in their name gets their financing done, but China Crescent not?. BS-argument of PV. I guess he didn't pitch at Maxim, Rodman & Renshaw, Murray or other investment boutiques. Because he is afraid his scam is discovered.

    • <<If you choose to believe, that is fine.>>

      Thanks, I wasn't going to buy anymore until I got your blessing.

    • Not surprising! I’m waiting to see what new bizarre storyline PV comes out with next.

    • I don't agree with this statement.

      Most otc & pinksheet companies have to sell more stock to grow the business, because they can't get the financing more established companies get.

      If you have an interesting business you can always do a PIPE or Equity Standby Agreement, but CCTR choose for the wrong type of financing.

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