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  • gw323316 gw323316 Jul 28, 2010 9:02 AM Flag

    And way to many Bashers here also.

    I'm not here to help out either side, but there has been no one on this board with any real facts to dispute CCTR's Financials, and for those who keep using the stocks chart as their fact for the demise of this company, we all can find a dozen stocks that had charts that went down and then came back. I must admit the pumpers and bashers are both very humorous though, and both have no facts. Then again facts are not really necessary to drive a stock price one way or the other, all you need is irrational thoughts for those quick money making wins or loses. GLTA

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    • chitowndale Jul 29, 2010 1:55 PM Flag

      No different than all the Penny Stock Newsletters. On this page is one bragging about 1000% gains.

      Its all a matter of perspective.

      One newsletter, Stock Preacher touted OOIL yesterday. It opened at .0205 but in 2 minutes it rose to .22. BUT SP doesn't issue buy recommendations until 9:30 the day they say to buy it. So after you check the SP site, spend 5 minutes checking charts, go to your broker window and place the order its already 9:40.
      By 9:40 OOIL dropped to .20 and later in the day it will drop to .17. It closed at .1730, down 16%. Today it still hasn't risen back to yesterday's opening price. Its .19 at the moment.

      Yet last night I get an email from SP bragging about that big rise in OOIL yesterday!

      Its all how one interprets the numbers.
      SP can say the stock rose 10%. Or it rose 18% since if you bought it at 1:30 PM at .17 it would rise by 18% before dropping to .18.

      BUT the reality is:
      -Unless you bought at 9:31, you'd have lost money
      -Unless you sat back until it hit low at 1:30 and sold at 2:50 PM you'd have made 18%. BUT buying and selling the same stock in one day requires a day-trader designation which requires a minimum of $25,000 in your trading account at all times.
      -98% or more of those who followed SP's advice lost money on this stock

      Today SP touted CIIC. It opened at .91 its currently at .8421.
      Its never been even today, hitting a low of .81 so far. 5 days ago it was selling at 1.28 and has been dropping in price since then. 7 months ago it was selling for 3.25 a share.

      But it will be interesting to see what SP says about this tout in tonight's email.

      So those here on CCTR's message board are no different than anyone else.
      They all come at this stock from different perspectives.
      If they bought it when it was selling for $6.00 in mid 2007, they are going to be very negative that it is selling for less than a penny since they will have suffered through two reverse stock splits and seen their 1,000 shares go from being worth $6,000 to today's being 1.6 shares worth .0125. That's hard for anyone to look on the bright side of.
      What's wrong with them is they only blame management for this and not themselves.
      They should have been smart enough to bail out before they lost too much money, then came back when it had an uptick. Eventually they might have recouped some of their losses.

    • go jump in the lake, dude. Where there's smoke, there's fire. This board is full of burned investors who actually did some due diligence -- too late, usually -- and found out that Verges is a scam artist running a network of puppet companies with no real customers or products. We're not bashing -- we're reporting the results of our due diligence, with a sidecar of OUTRAGE because Verges' greed and criminal inclinations are so brazen.

      ... and what is irrefutable is that Verges and his family members are trying -- badly, transparently, idiotically -- to post pumping messages on this board, while the share price goes down down down down FOR YEARS and the number of shares are DILUTED DILUTED DILUTED. That's not speculation -- that's public record.

      So, go ahead and invest. When you wake up to the grim reality, you'll be here "bashing" (ie. telling the truth) with us.

      Unless, that is, you're a Verges pumper. In which case, f.k off.

    • Does the FACT (a verifiable reality) that the OS climbed from 5 million to over 400 million in a years time not account for something? Oh I get it, it you are paid to pump then things of that nature don't have to be factored into the pps. I see. I just found that on page 39 of the pumpers handbook. Sorry, my bad.

    • Pay the bashers no mind. They are insignificant and irrelevant - like a thumbprint on a window of the tallest skyscraper.

    • Many things wrong with your post. We aren't bashing CCTR BECAUSE of it's chart. We're bashing CCTR BECAUSE of it's MASSIVE DILUTION which drops the PPS which drops the chart. You mention we've seen many stocks come back. NEWSFLASH: CCTR has never come back, it's continuing to go down. Up 4%, like yesterday isn't a rebound, when you're down 99% Get your facts straight buddy.