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  • breaker098 breaker098 Jan 21, 2011 3:56 PM Flag


    Keep this in mind people...after 8 months of investing i'm down 80% increase in one day brought me to down 90% from 94%. Loooooooong way to go. To bad this is just a pump cycle. You will see it gone shortly.

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    • If you put all your money in at once and just let it ride then you deserve
      what you get. Any intelligent trader knows that you put a small amount in
      at first and gradually add if the stock declines. On days like today you sell
      a little. That is the basics of trading. Also never put in more than you can
      afford especially on a penny stock.

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      • Years ago I fell for Philip Verges' glib business plan rhetoric. The stock fell and I cost averaged all the way from $.30 something to $.000 something. Then Philip did a reverse split and the price was $.20 something. Then Philip dumped more stock into the market and asked his shareholders to trust him and remain loyal. The price gradually declined, however as always everyday there were numerous Marketwires pumping & promising. After that another reverse split and more dilution.

        Then one day Philip does a one eighty and tells his trusting, loyal that they are fools and you have to cash in when there is a "milestone" event.

        Philip Verges and his whole scamming regime needs to be hit with a thorough investigation by the SEC.

        Been there and still suffering, but will never rest until I get my money back or the investigation takes place. Thanks for reading!

        I urge all disappointed investors of NWMT, CCTR, and the numerous shells to file a complaint with the SEC against NewMarket Technology Inc.

        Here is the website:

    • kennethbrannon Jan 21, 2011 5:51 PM Flag

      LOL Im down 96% from .06 i was a sucker to buy...

    • Sounds To me Like YOU Bought WAYYYYYYYYYYYYYY TOO Early.This is a Great time for you to Average Down. Since YOU Thought it was A GOOD investment at a MUCH Higher price. it would make sense, right? :)

    • This needs to stay at the top, as it's part of Philip Verges strategy. You will see many trolls saying, OMG HUGE INCREASE IN PPS! THROW ALL YOUR MONEY AT CCTR! But what they will fail to provide is a historical analysis of the PPS. A 90% increase means nothing if you look at the decline of this stock overall. As mentioned earlier, a 90% increase today has brought my -94% loss to ALMOST -90%. I've only invested in CCTR for the past 8 months. People will say you bought too early! Here's what I have to say to that. Philip Verges kept lying to us from .34 cents and telling us to buy all the way down. Here's also what you need to know. Philip Verges will erase this PPS increase VERY QUICKLY. All he wants is your money, and as history as proved MANY times before...he's going to get it. FACT all day long.

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      • The BS that follows was in a Marketwire News Release, dated Thursday March 22, 2007

        “Dear Fellow Shareholders and Interested Technology Investors: I am confident with further NewMarket success that the technology IPO investment interest will discover the value of NewMarket's renewable investment model. Management anticipates that the public listing of NewMarket subsidiaries will both improve balance sheet liquidity and enhance shareholder equity. NewMarket shareholders can similarly anticipate dividend distributions to follow the finalization of these three additional independent listings of NewMarket subsidiaries. NewMarket intends to distribute subsidiary stock to NewMarket shareholders in recurring shareholder dividend issues. NewMarket is moving away from opening the shareholders collective billfold to make any further investment and otherwise concentrating on collecting on returns from previous investments through share price appreciation.”

        I have been reading this stuff for years. Philip promised dividends and shares in his shells for those shareholders willing to remain loyal and stick it out. Then for our loyalty he gave us massive dilutions and two reverse splits which saw our money disappear. So forget you PPS analysis and any other attempt to make sense of what Philip Verges and his henchmen are doing. Don’t even think of putting any money into anything Philip is selling. Go directly to the SEC website and fill out a complaint. We have to stop the guy, auction off his business, his house and everything he and the whole clan owns, and attempt to get at least 20% of our losses back. Oh, and have Philip put in a Federal prison.

        I have been plugging away at getting people to file a complaint with the SEC against NWMT.

        Here is the website: