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  • carlwilliams_2001 carlwilliams_2001 May 22, 2012 12:52 PM Flag

    Coal miners should go on a national strike

    let's see how the blackouts look for Obama on the election day.
    Countless miners and anxious families, who, going back generations, dedicated their lives, working in deep holes, risking their lives and, in many cases, losing their lives, to power this industrial revolution, have been demonized by individuals who, by the way, would be the first to scream, when the light goes out.

    SE and Mid Atlantic states have made the greatest shift to NG and they are sporting huge stockpiles of CAPP coal right now, so they could last quite some time. On top of that Columbian coal can be a substitute for CAPP coal so they ultimately could import to meet their needs though I'm sure infrastructure issue would have to be overcome.

    Some states are almost entirely dependent on coal for electricity, not surprisngly, many of them coal producing states like West Virginia, Wyoming, and Kentucky. These states would be completely shut down.

    Most of the PRB states would be in bad shape and I don't know what coal substitutes would be available, they would have to make severe adjustments.

    In sum, coastal and SE states would be marginally affected. Midwestern and Great Lake states would be severely impacted after the coal stockpiles ran out. Coal mining states like Kentucky, West Virginia and Wyoming where the coal miners live would be reduced to nothing.

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