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  • youvegotenergy youvegotenergy Aug 6, 2002 2:42 PM Flag

    stokluver- cash can dwindle quick

    A stock with little or no debt these days is a big bonus.

    But to formulate a value to a stock because of it's cash on hand is like buying ice cubes and putting them in a cardboard box. Not much future for either when they're not working for you.

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    • I think without CSMG's significant contribution to TMNG's bottom line during the second quarter they would not have done as well as they did. The stock has been trading below cash value for a long time and it has been as low as $1.00 while all the time the cash value has been $1.63. Acquiring CSMG was a positive move for TMNG and there is no way for anyone to say that the stock would be significantly higher today if they still had that cash in the bank. Without CSMG's contribution, TMNG would be spending cash for operations and that would not make the company look good.

    • "It is really hard to said what the stock price would be if they hadn't spent the money for CSMG."

      If they had another $30M in cash on their balance sheet...that would be approx. $2.50/share in cash as compared to the current $1.63/share. You think the stock would still be at $1.50??? I don't think so!

    • It is really hard to said what the stock price would be if they hadn't spent the money for CSMG. Also, I wouldn't assume that the difference between the 2 quarters is all that CSMG contributed. I believe that CSMG carried a big part of the load during the 2nd quarter.

    • Should change his name to you've got mush for brains.

      That ice cube in a box analogy might be the worst I've ever heard.

      I won't pay $1 for an ice cube. I will pay $1 for $1. And if you're implying that the ice is "melting" i.e. that the company is burning cash, go look at the info from the Q2 press release in detail.

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      • I thought you cheerleaders learned your lesson last year. But for stkluver and you I tried to make the analogy simple enough for you to understand.

        It's OK.

        Maybe something simpler will work --- if you were given a dollar for every company that said "it had enough cash on hand" or "we are fully funded" for the next 6 quarters, AND then filed Chapter 11 in our industry ... well, you wouldn't need to try and pump a $2.00 stock up.

        TMNG will recover MORE when our industry turns, and LESS due to your annoying posts.

    • I would agree if the company was losing $10M per quarter. But TMNG has a profitable business model and recently re-sized...reducing their breakeven point to $8M. They see seqential revenue growth in at least $10M in revenues. I think the company is only going to add to its $1.63/share in cash during future quarters. I look for the stock to jump over $2 on any sustained Nasdaq rally.

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      • I'm new here BUT last quarter the company went from 86 million cash to 54 million cash ABOUT 30 MILLION DOLLARS was lost!!

        ALOT of cash for a company that doesn't BURN thru cash aso fast!

        It appearsa the CASH about 30 million dollars went to GOODWILL!


        A company usually deducts goodwill because it is re-accessing something or other BLAH blah!!

        This does not SEEM RIGHT!!

        Maybey that explains the LOW STOCK PRICE!!

        One man's view!!