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  • wareham2620 wareham2620 May 18, 2009 10:10 AM Flag

    Question for the bean counters.

    Hell ,why buy this stock at all ?

    The way Obama and his team are printing up new money.........

    Look at paper and ink stocks.

    Common Sense
    Well I'm not real bright but I do have some common sense.So what is wrong here ?
    [1]Our government cranks up the printing presses and makes money we did not have.
    [2]Our government then forces banks and other businesses to take the
    newly printed money as a loan ,if they want it or not.
    {3]Our government has those banks and other businesses pay them interest or dividends, on their newly printed money.
    [4]Our government then has those banks and/or other businesses cut or stop our dividends. That is ,on the stocks we bought with our hard earned money.
    [5]No, you can not pay us back ,just pay us our interest.Oh and by the way, you need to borrow more money from us now.

    Common Sense tells me we are not revisiting THE DEPRESSION YEARS OF–1929-1940 .But the era of the 1920s and 1930s,remember Al Capone?

    You will borrow our money ,and pay this much interest.

    Yes sir,you will buy our liquor and pay us if you sell it or not.

    We are now partners but we own over 50% of this business ,or you are out of business or dead.

    You will fire Tommy and give his job to Frankie .You will also pay Frankie xxxx much a week.Also, Frankie will come to work only when he wants.

    We own over 50% of our business so we control.


    Same thing just differant.Now our U.S. government would be the majority shareholder of our businesses.

    Obama off to a good start.

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