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  • carrefourrapide carrefourrapide Jul 15, 2002 11:40 AM Flag

    Foreign Markets

    Skechers has no endorsement deals with foreign celebrities and had absolutley no ties with the European sports community. Bad strategy. A good analogy is an American moving to France and trying to survive without learning French.

    Skechers is not in a market position or within an industry that lower currency valuations with benefit the company.

    Skechers is not an appealling stock, and anyone who jumps in now is going to lose their shirt(and their sneakers).

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    • Halleluliah!! I made mr. NY knowsitalls ignore list. for a guy that likes a dick in his mouth as a matter of day to day protocol it sure is great to be ignored.

    • You are full of crap. My best guess is that you are about 18 years old and own no stock in any companies. It is impossible that you have children, let alone grandchildren, or I'd at least expect that you would have the ability to complete a sentance. You talk about 9-11 as if it is funny, so I seriously doubt that you lost anyone you know in the building. And even if you are related to someone that died on 9-11, then you are an even bigger schmuck for having mentioned it the first place.

      SKX is growing and you are annoying. You have officially made it to my ignore list.

    • Ha Ha "gay way" sorry mr. Skechers apologist, my grandson died 9-ll while making a tech call for a computer company who's client was wiped out. My stock losses? bought Skechers at 13.13 an held it thru all ups and downs.

      You are missing the point on the ownership and leadership of the company.

      200 million dollars lines of credit, everyone named Greenberg currently in the state of CA on the payroll, come and go pop icons as spokespeople, same old story.

      keep up the good work for the greenbergs though, as more losses accumulate today. I suggest you change careers to prose and continue to drop your bar of soap in the places you hang out. Love the diatribe though, stronger, sexier wow my dad is bigger than your dad. OK now go to Staten Island with a spoon and some tweezers and look for Charlie. Your Skechers cheerleading is tiring.

    • You are correct, 9-11-01 at 9am. Either way, you know what I meant. Thank you for correcting me.

    • It's 9-11-01, not 9-11-02.

      Unless you can look into the future?

    • Foreign sale will be worth more with a decline in the USD. This is already happening.
      Note that this just a fall of the USD back to more historical levels not some doom and gloom.

    • If you are trying to say that you don't think that Britney Spears is a celebrity that appears to Europeans, than you are a moron.

      In addition, SKX's sales were up by 90% year over year in Europe and the Euro is rallying against the dollar, another plus. You are foolish to think that SKX will not trade higher over the long term.

      In the short term, SKX will rebound.

      Remember, they just signed their frst licensing deal, with many more deals to come.

      • 2 Replies to mrstocksknowsall
      • how long you been on the wig peddler's payroll.
        Britteny Spears is a two bit, dated, fading fast American slut. About as talented as Geraldo. She has run her course and will be the next Tiffany. To link up with this bubble gum headed bitch is typical Greedberg style ala Robert Downey Jr. and everyones all time favorite "MAN" Jacko. I wonder if Jacko wears those LA Gear shoes when chasing 12 year old boys.

      • As a European, I think I know what appeals to Europeans more than you. Her Q-Score in Europe is very low, yet you probably have no idea what q-score. After all, you're a moron.

        Europeans are extemely protective of their culture. Adidas, Puma, Nike, Hogan, Lacoste, Prada have all been extrenched into the European market. If you think Britney Spears has more appeal than Zidane, Beckham, or any other national hero you're the fool.

        Don't be so foolsih as thinking a trip to Epcot suddenly makes you know what a European like myself is thinking.

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