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  • jkwelli jkwelli Jan 4, 2011 4:46 PM Flag

    What does Put Seller Know?

    "I don't agree with your head in the sand trading style."

    So I am sticking my head in the sand since I don’t worry about gossip absent of factual data?

    I should about every dust particle, flake floating about?

    I like to rely on factual data. Not innuendo and fear.

    As far as I know nothing about the company’s valuation has changed.

    Others said Stern must ‘know something’ when they finally downgraded SKX at $20. I guess I should have been scared then.

    "The thing that concerns me here was that this put purchase was a very bold trade to make on a name that doesn't have super liquid options this close to expiration with no scheduled new releases between now and then. "

    Buying the puts appears to have been a good strategy even in the absence of any inside information considering the indigestion it has caused.

    They know SKX is unloved.

    That no news will be pending.

    That some will assume the worst.

    Maybe they even shorted SKX today when they bought the puts and have since convered for a free ride on the puts.

    We can conjecture endlessly on this

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