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  • stkmkter stkmkter Aug 21, 2012 2:25 PM Flag

    OK - What's up?

    This stock hasn't moved this much in over a year!!

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    • Thanks

      Very nice link.

      Hope weekend is great for you and all.

    • Sole voting and disposition power shares are not family trust shares. The family trust has shared voting and disposition power for both mr. and mrs. Greenberg and require both signatures. But they have been gifting shares from the family trust over the last few years, after all Robert Greenberg is 72:

    • Here is the filing where they set up their Annuity Trust. The more I glance (not read, I still yield to your excellent research), I think they are moving around Class B shares, as Class B shares and noting they can be converted to Class A at anytime.

      I might have been reading the things wrong in the past?

      Are they moving them around as the kids get in line and do as they are told? LOL. I do not really think that, but could not resist.

      Out of here for the day, have a good weekend.

    • Taken from 08-21 filings
      Date of even: August 19, 2012
      3,943,198 (SEE ITEM 5)
      3,943,198 (SEE ITEM 5)

      Date of event: March 7, 2012
      4,641,162 (SEE ITEM 5)
      4,641,162 (SEE ITEM 5)

      Taken from
      Date of Event: September 14, 2011
      5,000,000 (SEE ITEM 5)
      5,000,000 (SEE ITEM 5)

      Date of Event: August 19, 2011
      8,100,766 (SEE ITEM 5)
      8,100,766 (SEE ITEM 5)

      As you can see, the 8,100,766 has shrunk to 3,943,198.

    • I am not sure,but it looks like to me the wording is lawyer talk for the Class B shares represent how many Class A shares they could own if they converted them.

      The two filings also look pretty much like updates from the last estate planning ones. Maybe they are required to file them, because one of them I know said something about if items are left blank they represent no change. It could be a few shares changed hands or the percentages changed when the company's outstanding share count changed?


      Unless indicated otherwise, all items left blank remain unchanged and any items that are reported are deemed to amend and supplement the existing items in the Schedule 13D, as previously amended. Capitalized terms used in this Amendment and not defined herein have the respective meanings ascribed to such terms in the Schedule 13D, as previously amended.


      Admit to not being a lawyer, nor understanding lawyer talk real well, but these two filings do not look like anything to be alarmed about, IMO. I am certainly open to someone explaining them in simpler terms.

    • I agree with all you say - from what I saw on the web page and from a woman's perspective, I'm not excited by them but if they were priced right and comfortable I would buy them for kick around shoes!! I definately don't think there is any buyout speculation, just said if THAT happened after holding this stock over a year and half and riding the stock all the way down to 11+, that wouldn't make me happy after finally getting to write some covered calls at a decent strike and callable price!! I am glad to see it continuing to hold on to a + in a continued down market!!! Right now I really want to called away on this - but almost 4 weeks to go yet!

    • A buyout would have to be approved by the Greenberg family; they hold about 48% of the stock votes. I don't think the CEO/founder is ready to retire even thou he is 72.

      I read some things about the show that mentioned other labels and good reviews of their colored shoes, but no mention of Skechers. Bobs is already on the shelves of retail. They are presently sale priced at Kohl's; averaging about 10% off with an extra 15% off entire store promotion. They are getting some very good reviews from the women, but they are modestly priced and sale priced on most websites. From what I can read, they are better than Toms (and Toms website is NOT amused by their creation and promotion by Skechers). Skechers might have good back-to-school sales from Bobs. But why would Bobs create any new enthusiasm at a show? This still looks like more stock trader speculation than reality to me.

    • Apparently the estate plans have had their share count cut in half it looks like. I am not sure what to make of it just yet, but I would imagine that it is possible they are converting B shares to A for some strategic move in the future.

    • The last I heard is that the latest SEC release had something to do with estate planning, which might account for the rise in share price.

      I will have to look at past documents tonight to verify what changes were made.

    • Excellent points, all. I lucked up and got some $14 calls back at a small loss when the run first started by rolling out a month and buying back on an intraday dip, but I would not pay way up to keep any shares. I would still have some anyway.

      I hear you about being here too long. I just would not give up on the balance sheet and have been here over three years now.

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