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  • B_Rye_57 B_Rye_57 Jul 29, 1999 10:27 PM Flag

    Killer thanks for the concern

    You're right anyone who decides to invest solely
    on an analysts reco. is asking to donate his money.
    After I read the article I did do my own DD. I do have
    to say several years and a few thousand dollars ago
    I didn't do very good DD and well.... the rest is

    Now have some milk and cookies on that break and get
    some rest.

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    • This board is thick with axe ID's.Ol axe
      has a "gang" of merry men with
      him.<br><br>So $6.875
      is where you bought a "slug of it".So
      how much is a
      slug and where are you at now? Have
      you ever
      SKX?<br><br>Pickle_007<br><br>"slug" post linked

    • not always very true. America West has been the
      subject of several in the past. I believe at one point,
      they were going to be purchased by United. IMHO, Delta
      needs to work out its labor situation with their pilots

      I am not so sure about how much energy I would put
      into that rumor. If you want a good airline, take a
      look at Atlas Air (CGO). They have pretty good
      numbers, low P/E, and a growing business. Not only that,
      there is a (now mostly discounted) rumor that FDX will
      buy them.

      In the interest of non-hype
      mongering (sp?), I am long on CGO.


    • Place last bets on table- read last 50 messages
      on Yahoo for links-Last day to see ABH near
      This is my contribution to all who supported SCNI and
      perhaps SKX (once I finish selling off all of all for
      last ABH grab).

    • Went on Sat. -people buying, but typical crowd for a Sat- Observation: what is a typical Sat. crowd??? To be kind to astute 123 I will say my observation is incomplete.

    • and you'll have your reply right from the
      "horse's mouth."

      There are no other aliases. You
      will not see posts under the identity of Pickle_007,
      but from some jerks, roaches and low lifes that
      infest this board and others, you may see the

      Pick1e_007, PickIe_007, Pickel_007, Pickle_OO7, and/or any
      combination that appears or looks similiar to

      Why some jerks get their jollies posting posing as
      Pickle_007 is beyond me but there are a lot of people in
      this world who have nothing better to do with their
      time than to try to fool or deceive honest

      In fact, be on the lookout for asstuteone123 and
      note the "ass" infront of the tute instead of it being
      spelled properly as astute.

      It's a shame I have to
      waste energy pointing this out, but feel compelled to
      do so as these jerks post tainted facts meant to
      fool and deceive.

      I believe if you've read my
      posts, you may have become used to getting good hard
      facts with meat and substance behind them as well as
      documentation that can easily be verified. If you digest the
      posts of these jerk imposters I'm referring to, it's
      usually nothing more than gibberish and some off the wall
      text with no basis.

      AO 123

    • under astuteone123.

      Due to circumstances
      having to do with dealing with a number of imposters
      posing as Pickle_007 I finally decided enough was enough
      and changed by identity. I never posted under dual
      identities, at the same time in the past, and won't do it

      Thanks for your kind words and thank you. I will
      continue to post and call the shots as I see

      Barring any unforeseen problems, I'll continue to post
      the daily trading patterns which I know are helpful
      to me and I hope for others who visit this

      AO 123

    • And am still long on all my other oversold
      "value" stocks. These are keepers. As you said, they
      don't have a lot of downside in the p/e. I'm mostly
      temporarily out of equity funds and high fliers. My overall
      portfolio is still 20% stock. I've also taken some profits
      here and there, as I normally would.

      of what happens short term (and I think the odds
      favor having no big correction), I think that the
      market will be exactly the same, no matter what, 12
      months from now. I believe that if someone has at least
      a 12 month horizon, it's not going to make any
      difference even if the market did take a couple steps


    • aliases

    • pickle 007's "other aiiases"

    • Ben around 2, I too took a large portion of my
      money off the table. I sold everything I felt may be
      negatively affected because of Y2K concerns, such as
      financials and software companies. These companies are
      highly succeptible to computer programming problems.
      IMHO I felt that SKX has too good of a chance of
      upside potential so hopped in at 6 1/2 and more at 6
      3/4, because although the dow and nasdaq may have go
      through ups and downs, my personal opinion is that a
      company with such popularity and potential has little
      chance of going down much further. This companies
      financials are excellent and why this stock is trading this
      low is simply absurd, I feel very fortunate to have
      gotten in at the price I did. With a PE of under 10, Y2K
      simply can not have too much of an effect on this
      company. As far as physicla problems for a company like
      this, it is highly unlikely they will encounter many
      problems, since they are a relatively new company their
      computer systems should be already Y2K compliant. IMHO the
      sky is the limit. Thank you also to Pickle 007 and
      all his other aliases, your content and insight is by
      far the most informative I have ever read. Thanks for


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