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  • mitch_goldstein mitch_goldstein Aug 20, 1999 1:28 PM Flag


    I asked for an example of an IPO where the
    insiders took large amts of cash out in the form of a
    bonus as in the case of SKX.Call it to cover tax as in
    this case or however you or anyone wants to chacterize
    a payment.
    I have not been given an example.How
    about a link to a 10Q for some other company where the
    same thing took place.Or a link to a story about

    I have looked at a few IPO's . I am aware that
    founders often benefit at the time of an IPO by selling
    stock.What happened here is that a lot of cash that
    could(should) have been left in the company went to the
    founders.This was more of a negative to long term investors
    than insiders selling stock would have been of course
    because the cash would have offset

    Please tell me what other IPO's have been structured
    this way and I will research them myself.

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    • ask are being moved up..... Will be making the
      rounds in the mall this weekend with the kids and will
      do some browsing to see how SKX is doing in the

      Good day for the longs, hopefully to repeat with many

    • I would think Alex Brown has a little bit of a
      better idea of what is fair to the company and to the
      shareholders. Skechers did not and could not pull anything by
      on Alex Brown. Everything they did was with full
      knowledge and agreement with Alex Brown.

      By the way
      Mitch, you say you are LONG Skechers. Why would you be
      Long if you feel this way? Did you buy the stock
      before you did your research? Hmmmm... Me thinks we have
      a shorter or a person with a grudge who is trying
      to steer the pot..

      Well, I strongly suggest
      you start covering your short, while the stock
      probably won't run too far too fast, it is definitly on an
      upswing, drifting up 1/16 by 1/18 steadly with a solid
      bottom at 6.

      Good stuff ahead...

      • 3 Replies to skx_is_value
      • This is what I dont like about posters... they
        assume too much and are just as out of line as those
        they criticize IMHO. I was a HBI shareholder before
        selling that to buy SKX last week. I disliked HBI after
        learning more about mamagement AFTER I bought the stock.
        And the pro HBI posters would assume all the things
        you are about another poster(Mitch)..and telling them
        what to do like cover your short, or sell..... What a
        waste of time. Speculating about stocks is hard
        enough... And to say any company can not pull anything over
        someone is WRONG.. Yjere are alot of examples... look at
        CD..Cendant, how about Boston Chicken... I am always sceptical
        and think management often thinks of their self
        interest first.. like golden parachutes, etc. Nice to see
        SKX up today thought I wanted to buy more and was
        waiting for the fed move.

      • to be initiated or one of the analyst covering this stock to start pounding the table that SKX is a good, no make that a great buy at this price......

    • 5% is nothing to get so excited about, I know,
      but it hopefully will draw some attention to SKX. We
      can bantor about many numbers, but for at least the
      next 6 months, this stock should post strong earnings
      if it keeps it's ad budget in check. There are just
      few other young brands that captivate such a large
      cross section of consumers like this one.

      long and prosper!

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