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  • sam_0534 sam_0534 Aug 20, 1999 2:37 PM Flag


    This is what I dont like about posters... they
    assume too much and are just as out of line as those
    they criticize IMHO. I was a HBI shareholder before
    selling that to buy SKX last week. I disliked HBI after
    learning more about mamagement AFTER I bought the stock.
    And the pro HBI posters would assume all the things
    you are about another poster(Mitch)..and telling them
    what to do like cover your short, or sell..... What a
    waste of time. Speculating about stocks is hard
    enough... And to say any company can not pull anything over
    someone is WRONG.. Yjere are alot of examples... look at
    CD..Cendant, how about Boston Chicken... I am always sceptical
    and think management often thinks of their self
    interest first.. like golden parachutes, etc. Nice to see
    SKX up today thought I wanted to buy more and was
    waiting for the fed move.

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    • How could Skechers pull something with the money
      they got from the IPO when it is clearly stated what
      they are doing with the money. Mitch was claiming that
      something was wrong because they used the money to pay back
      some of thier own intial investment. They did that
      with full agreement from Alex Brown. They didn't do
      anything hidden or underhand like he SNIDLY is trying to
      IMPLY to put FEAR into investers.

      I have no
      problem with questions about mangement or if somebody
      wants to bring up negative comments. My problem is with
      people who are trying to create fear and lies and that
      bothers me a lot. Look carefully at his posts and you can
      clearly see,he is not a concerned investor, rather some
      one with a very negative and derogitory take on this

      As far as my advice to cover shorts after the
      company has come down 50% from its highs, thats just
      common sense to ANYBODY.

    • How many times must you be told?

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