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  • axe_234 axe_234 Sep 27, 1999 12:15 PM Flag

    Comparative data on SKX compared to

    other footwear stocks within it's own sector. Go

    And make some comparisons on your own. Here is a list
    of 25 + footwear companies and if you scroll through
    the profiles and look at some of the stats I looked
    at, you can make comparisons of:

    Book Value
    Profit as a percentage of sales (i.e. if
    there are in the black)
    Annual trading range

    Price to Sales Ratio.

    There are certainly more
    stats than these 5 I just listed, but for a quick "down
    and dirty" I only picked these. You may want to go
    back and use additional criteria. For example, I
    didn't go through all of the summaries of each company
    to view the percentage of sales growth/or sales
    downturn. I didn't go through to compare profits this
    fiscal to last, or this past quarter to the identical
    quarter of a year ago.

    PE ratios range from a low
    of 4 (MAXS which is Maxwell Shoe Company Inc.) to a
    high of 34.28 (NKE which is Nike, Inc.) SKX's PE is
    noted as 8.47.

    Net profits as a percentage of
    sales range from losses on many of the companies listed
    to a high of 11 % (KSWS which is KSwiss. SKX's net
    is noted as 4.2 %.

    Price to sales range from
    a high of 1.90 (KCP which is Kenneth Cole) to a low
    of .20 (BWS whcih is Brown Shoe Company). SKX's is
    noted as .36, which is one of the absolute lowest, only
    7 companies noted as having a lower Price to Sales

    I'm using the Yahoo stats which may differ slightly
    from real stats if Yahoo hasn't updated.

    these comparisons aren't showing easily, without
    spending substantial time is their sales ranking
    nationally of their brands. Nor will this listing, again
    without a lot of DD on your part, show their recent sales
    direction in this current fiscal year.

    However, for
    those of you who want to do some DD on your own, here's
    a prompt from me on where to

    Remember, the companies listed are within the footwear
    sector and you really need to split out the sector into
    "athletic" and "regular footwear" which I've not done. If
    you do that, you'll have a much more accurate
    comparison. For example, the 11 % net after taxes I spoke of
    for KSWS is in the "athletic" area. SKX isn't in that
    area. SHOO (Steve Madden) is in the same sector as SKX
    and has a 6.6 % net after taxes, but it's selling at
    over 20 X earnings, so there's a lot to consider when
    making these comparisons and assessing your investment
    in SKX (compared to others in this sector).

    hope this is helpful to some of you. For those truly
    interested in SKX as an investment, it should be. For those
    here simply to harrass others on this board, I'm sure
    you could care less and/or proabably don't even
    understand this post.

    Have a wonderful day to


    P. S. As of this time, 12:06 a.m., SKX has just
    traded at 5 1/16 and is bid 5 for 2800 offered at 5 1/16
    for 500 shares and SKX has already traded at 5 1/8.
    While these aren't great prices historically, it may be
    signaling the end of the downturn we've experiened

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