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  • axe_234 axe_234 Oct 28, 1999 1:13 AM Flag

    Garbage in and Garbage out.

    I just came home from a one day trip and meeting
    which had me out of the office the entire day.

    just reviewed the posts over the last two days and
    once again, it appears as though Yahoo Board
    Surveilance has erased approximately ten posts. I'm sure it's
    the garbage (I'm being kind in only referring to
    these posts as garbage) from about # 3076 through #
    3116. I've counted at least 10. I only hope that some
    day order will return to this board and the spirit of
    simply exchanging comments about SKX, the footwear
    industry and it's competitio will come into play. Until
    then, and until Yahoo stamps out the "roaches & vermin"
    in their entirety, we may see these insects continue
    to crawl from under their rocks and their nests to
    run amok over this board.

    Sad, but these
    creeps have no life, no aim or direction at all, and
    nothing better to do with their time.

    I'm sure
    this post will create a dozen foul or stupid remarks
    from this peanut gallery. Visiting this board is no
    different than visiting the "monkey" house at the zoo. Only
    here you can't just toss them a banana. If I could, I

    To all the sane souls that wish this board would
    become useable again, have a great day on


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    • Finally some talk about Skechers. After the CC, I
      am more impressed with the company. With futures
      higher than ever before, the next quarter stands to be
      very impressive. Like a past postere stated if they
      miss it they are screwed. Well after that call I am
      almost certain they will not only make it but beat it
      handsomely. In time the price will also follow upward, but as
      an investor you need to have patience. Pleased with
      the CC and am looking forward to the next few months.
      In the meantime I will continue to accumulate,
      waiting for the price to head higher.
      On a sidenote
      some interesting things about Skechers balance sheet.
      No long term debt, little short term debt and
      increasing revenues year over year. Definitely a mark of a
      solid company.


    • I'm with ya. Not much happening between now and next release, but everything points to a strong qtr. I've got a little SKX, gonna buy some more on the dips.

      After that, who knows.

    • Are you an owner of SKX? I'm long 5,000 shares
      (under water about $8,000) and I'm feeling much more at
      ease now than prior to the quarterly report/CC. On the
      other hand, I have no long history here and I hope I'm
      not fooling myself - or being fooled. My instinct
      tells me things weren't as bad this past quarter as the
      numbers make it seem (I think they borrowed too much from
      it to make last quarter look better). At these
      prices, I'm inclined to go longer and take my chances.
      The potential reward seems to make it worth the risk.
      Any thoughts? Thanks.

    • Just listened to the call. They were just as
      optimistic in the call last Q. Which time should we believe

      If they blow it again, this stock'll be trading
      UNDER the counter, not over. They know that, tho.

    • Replay:

      For a company that clearly missed their
      original guidance numbers, they certainly sound
      optimistic. The questioners, particularly a fund manager that
      must have taken it on the chin, pushed much harder
      than you typically hear on these

      Overall, it sounded good and they repeatedly stated their
      order rate is higher than ever (and has continued to be
      so since they first announced this.) Given the
      extremely positive tone of their message (they virtually
      guaranteed this quarter), they better not miss again or this
      stock will be traded over the counter.

    • Did anyon listen to it? Please post any information. Thanks...

    • Yr_tLmes_up is PickIe. Eye_be_m. One of his 3
      dozen aliases. With his lousy spelling and clumsy
      grammar, he stands out like a skunk at a church

      Similarity: You and PickIe are always off topic taking shots
      at people (okay, me too).

      Difference: You are
      intelligent and educated.

      See ya.

    • I know what you're thinking. No, none of these posts are from me. SKX isn't even worth talking about, although some of the posts are comical.

    • Everyone's wise to the yr_tlmes_up/yr_times_up
      impersonations, PickIe/Pickle.

      Imitation is the sincerest
      form of flattery. You remind me of a minnow pretending
      to be a bass.

      Have a nice weekend.

    • kx was up today. our up 62.50 on your 1000 share buy today.

      How big is your position and what is your average price?

      Where do we go from here?

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