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  • market_kings market_kings May 26, 2000 6:50 PM Flag

    Visit Skechers

    I've visited few of the Skechers stores in the
    Los Angeles vacinity for some time now. The "walk in"
    traffic is at a good pace independantly and compaired to
    other stores. If this trend continues, there is obvious
    upside but that all depends how well and how long the
    company can gauge the teen buying habits. As it stands,
    the company seems to be guessing right.

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    • but branding. It's not a question of "if" it's a
      question of "when"

      When will the brand become
      passe, and un-cool.

      Personally, i always thought
      Skechers ripped off Vans (Van Doran) shoe design, by
      making knonk offs in Taiwan. Since then Skechers is
      selling every kind of shoe you can think of.

      recently took over a liquor store corner as their location
      in Manhattan Beach, CA so I assume they are spending
      money rapidly, too. When this project fades away like
      the skechers founders L.A. Gear line of appearal and
      shoes, he'll just move onto something else. Try not to
      be holding the bag when the consumer realizes how
      cheaply made the shoes are and opt to buy the next "hip"

      I bought a pair of Skechers that normally sell for
      $79.00 in their store at the Big 5 for $14.99. What does
      that tell you about the cost of manufacturing. If
      consumers find out they are getting ripped off, it could be

      • 2 Replies to SuperShuffle
      • Supershuffle dork, stop buying last seasons
        shoes. And if you think that skechers are made cheap
        I will tell
        you why, because you know their good quality and your
        trying to be cool, but obviously if you shop at big5 you
        must be a dork. Didn't you notice every other brand of
        shoes there? That's what big5 does, buys old stuff and
        sell it to cheapshits like you. GET A CLUE
        BRAINIACK!!! I am willing to bet money that the new store is a
        lot bigger then the old one due to the growth of the
        shoe line and the company for that matter. GET A LIFE
        TOO LOSER!!

      • Since I haven't seen your name on this board
        before, I don't know if you'll be back to read this. But
        if you do, I just want to inform you of a couple of

        1.) SKX Earnings- 19 cents v. 7 cents for
        the first quarter. Next quarter should bring us about
        35 cents v. 20 cents last year and so on and so
        forth for the 3rd and 4th quarters. Do you understand
        earnings earnings earnings?

        2.) The shoe you
        purchased for $14.99 is either called an LY (last year's) a
        damage, or a return. I sell those too. Only I get $25.00.
        It might have been $80.00 last year, or in perfect
        condition. It's a shame that you're reduced to buying $15

        3.) I have stores and I'm blowing
        Sketchers out every day and I bet they cost as much to make
        as Nike or Reebok, or Timberland.

        Winston Churchill once said that if you're not a liberal
        at 20, you have no heart; if you're not a
        conservative at 40, you have no brain.

        5.) I like to
        have fun, too.

        Good trading,

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