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  • market_kings market_kings May 31, 2000 12:58 PM Flag

    Earnings? 2

    When is the approx date for the next earnings release?

    • Companies in fact "retire" shares when they do
      buy backs which means it is no longer part of the
      float. This is different from the insider holdings which
      may or may not be restricted. A company may issue
      shares to raise money or buy them back for the obvious
      reasons but it does not hold shares in treasury.

    • I came to this board to see what was up. That's
      all. I'm looking for another investment. And these are
      "message" boards after all, and anything can happen.

      Regarding the P/E issue...I'll need to double check, but I
      am pretty sure, EPS reflects only the shares in the
      float. Why else would companies do stock buy backs to
      make their EPS look stronger? When a company buys
      their stock back does it get removed from the available
      stocks to trade? If so then that was my mistake...and I
      am sorry, really. I was thinking when a company
      bought stock back it was possessed by somebody and was
      still eligible to be sold back into the

      If you want an example of what I was talking about
      look into CORL, it appears their insiders left their
      sharholders holding the collective bag. I guess i figured the
      reason how incorrectly.

      I'm sorry for getting
      everyone upset, who is trying to be civil, I was just
      trying to figure this one out. I guess I will need more
      time to learn the finer points. I am just trying to
      protect myself, first and formost. IT's been a tough ride
      in the market lately, although this week has cured
      most of my ills.

      Thanks, and farewell.

    • yr_up (phonics),,,
      Glad yr back (if you ever
      left) .
      Anyway , superslouch/?/?/?/ , did post
      positives on SKX . It was hilarious to read . It was like a
      necrophiliac giving up his secrets . In fairness , negatives
      are welcome and necessary to balance an outlook ,
      though they should be tempered with pertinent info to be
      considered relevant .
      Question; Why would someone post
      (hype or bash) insistantly on a stock they "have no
      position in" ?
      These threads are intriguing to me . I
      would love an expose` done in this area . Turn on the
      lights and watch the roaches run . 60 minutes could have
      a hell of a story , perhaps even exposing more than
      is imagined .
      I'm sure (if SS is truly gone)
      we'll soon get a visitation from a NEW poster with the
      same song and keyboard .

      On topic;
      somewhat disappointed that the markets in their
      (temporary?) recovery are picking up many of the same stox
      that got hammered for false/pumped valuation . It
      seems to me , this current market is perfectly poised
      for small cap value stox to really get a boost . But
      , that's why I'm a daytrader that ends up being
      LONG on many plays because I expect logic when chaos
      prevails .


    • I'm glad people with certain level of market savvy have long positions here as I did not do a near complete DD proior my buy.

    • ALL stock issued, including "insider" shares.
      EPS, on which P/E is calculated, is net income divided
      by the diluted number of shares.

      accounting standards, the fully diluted number of shares can
      even include stock which HASN'T been issued -- i.e.,
      any stock options which are exerciseable but which
      have not yet been exercised. (Those are obviously not
      included in float.)

      The P/E and EPS figures factor
      in all shares issued (and unissued, if they are
      vested stock options), and are not affected by an
      insider selling stock which becomes float. The only thing
      that changes is the float.

      It takes a while to
      learn these things. Your analytical skills will improve
      with experience.

      And listen to Bendy. He's the
      resident sage on this board.

      Good luck to you.

    • 1. Right now it's a darling of

      2. Diregarding my concerns about investing in this
      company, the upside is huge and the downside is rather

      3. They are growing the direct sales portion of the
      business and that can only mean more revenues.

      Experienced management with lots of industry

      5. And the bottom line...the shoes are VERY trendy,
      so the bottom line is way in the black.

      I can
      say nice things, too you know. I have no position in
      this company, and will leave you all alone. I have
      decided to pass on this one, personally.


    • obvious is truly impressive .
      Your concerns
      as to insider selling diluting p.e. ratio is what I
      was addressing , as well as your overall negative
      spin .
      How about telling us what you think are the
      positive aspects of owning SKX stock .
      As for MY
      investing attitudes , I would NEVER buy on margin . 's bad
      mojo . I try to maintain a balanced portflio . 5k shs.
      of SKX is my current position . I sold 10k shs. @ 12
      9/16 . I'm waiting for what I feel is the next buying
      op .

      re: The clothes I wear are indeed smart
      but , the "shoes" I choose are genius .

    • Since June will be the end of their second quarter, I would say towards the end of July.


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