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  • hintsala_2000 hintsala_2000 Aug 19, 2002 4:07 PM Flag

    Hey Blue Cheap

    I have asked you opinion on stocks before and yet again I have a need for your opinion. What do you think about ADSX. This company recently installed computer chips in a family. These tiny computers hold all kinds of info about the person it is in. I feel there is a trememdous upside to this company. What do you think?

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    • Criteria because it's 52wk low is .03 cents and the stock is currently priced at .60. That doesn't mean it will not continue to rise. However it would have to be much cheaper for me to become interested not matter what they do or the potential.

      I can be confident buying FONR at the current prices because I KNOW the company so well. If I knew ADSX like that I might pay .60 cents. I bought 4K (FONR) today with some ASPT profits and I may should have kept more ASPT than I did.

      ADSX has 3 times the # of outstanding shares, another disadvantage for the shareholder.

      No time to research it further as these would be enough for me but my opinion does not matter or mean that my perceptions are correct. It is just that I have a criteria and ADSX does not meet it.

      FONR, CYII, ASPT, VETX, and many other recommendations by The CHEAP Investor does. No need for me to research as I have Bill Mathews with a 95% correct record for over 21 years to rely on.

      These are my Opinions,

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      • Interesting criteria for your stocks. One is an OB listing, one just went through what looks like a textbook pump and dump, and one has a debt to equity ratio of 20:1!

        ADSX has just been RELISTED on the NAS big board (they have until October to get over a dollar...a challenge they have shown they can meet), their CEO has just certified their financials, and they are just starting to announce contracts. Uber upside. IMHO don't be blind to this one. I'll be sure to come back and say I told you so.

    • i have som adsx and doc , the company that actually makes the digital angel,,,adsx own a majority of DOC....great potential because there are alot of applications for their technology,,,military, law enforcement, tracking anything on the planet, medical monitoring,,,people however are not ready to start implanting chips in their kids yet (gov't mistrust)....lots of potential but it's a young company with little if any institutional support...roll the dice on a small position and let it ride the way, they own their technology and patents.

    • Are they controlled by the Anti-Christ?

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