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  • Jabb_ooooo Jabb_ooooo Feb 19, 2008 8:56 PM Flag

    jimblow & wmacko are pumping

    the best they can, come on magic barber help them with your magic, like your wcom trade!
    Give it your best shot fony pumping fools, PUMP BOYS PUMP, LIE BOYS LIE, STEAL BOYS STEAL, but HISTORY DOES NOT LIE, if your smart enough to read it!

    RUN NEWBEE'S RUN, but read the history first it's good for a laugh.


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    • ainthunger: Sorry I didn't hang on to those 7000 shares because I couldn't get rid of them... Don't you remember the Plan.. Set up a TRADING BLOCK of shares and reap a PROFIT when ever it became available... while setting aside a small amount in case there was a sudden RISE after a sell. Simple stuff and it worked for a lot of investors during the DOT/COM years. Bill

    • I can do math!
      You say you have 281 shares or somthing like that left. 281 times 25 equals 7025. So you were "smart" enough to hold these shares while pumping & dumping your other shares. Probally held them because your could not get them dumped in the fony pump & dump game. Anyway back to the point with each penny drop your loss is times 25 times 281.($70.25) Quickly your "profits" are gone.(going quick bill)
      RUN NEWBEE'S RUN, bill just showed you some fony history, he wants to sell his shares!

    • Yes I am... I don't like my PROFITS eroding even after taking out a fair share. Is there something wrong with that?
      PS: I have been RETIRED since 1992 and got back into the market after 30 years. Had some extra money laying around.

    • Wow! You are still on the board, too, Bill. You and Jim are for some reason devoted to FONR, loser (and I mean financially) that it is. Why is that? Are you another manager/owner/employee/stock adviser that is doing what he can to keep the stock above zero?

    • Hey Jabooooo. I posted this message last week>>> "The days of the Roller-Coaster rides on FONR are a thing in the past. Better resign yourself to an occasional 7 to 12 percent hike or move on to other money makers. JMHO Bill"... Does that sound like pumping to you. I also reminded penn that the MOVE back in October 1999 - March 2000 was the ONE & ONLY that anyone would see from FONR. If you call that pumping while I hold only 281 shares so be it. LMAO Bill

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      • wmacko says he owns 281 shares but pumps like the drunken fony fool jimblow. wmacko if you really own just 281 shares why tell others to buy at this great time when you could increase your number of shares?
        In my last post I used the words, LIE, CHEAT, STEAL & I stand by them, your post IS NONSENCE, with all your pumping. You want to talk about what happened nine years ago, hell man get a life.
        I know you & the magic (wcom trading) barber were close, he was the king of fony pumping, you better call him, you boys need all the help you can get!

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