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  • fruitsupplier01 fruitsupplier01 Mar 6, 2013 2:24 PM Flag

    FONAR corproate will pay for the scanning centers, profit will flow to the Damadian's as always

    The scanning center management and revenue flow has always been a mystery with regard to who owns them and where the profit goes. FONAR never used to show the income as a revenue stream and to save the company it is now incorporated at a "subsidiary" with revenue flowing through to FONAR. But make no mistake, any profits on paper from the HMCA do not flow to FONAR shareholder pockets and neither will this new acquisition...even though FONAR corporate will pay for it.

    When Dr. Damadian is not longer in a capacity to run this company for his families' benefit, it may be a good entry point to owning this equity as someone will be able to manage this company to allow share holders full voting rights in order to hire a CEO and get a BOD's that understands their fiduciary responsibility to share holders.

    GLTA...sell the technology to Siemens, GE, Samsung or whoever who can really exploit it!

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