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  • fasttruk fasttruk Oct 31, 2013 4:51 PM Flag

    Sorry Omne but I have to do this

    I have to expose you because I am tired of most people on YMB like yourself. You are in fact a liar and everyone that knows you from CERP will knows it and soon everyone from FREE will too. He will tell you things to make you think he has information only available on a need to know basis when the reality of it is that he is the type of person that falls in love with a stock and does NOT sell for a profit which then he must lie and pump to get his money back.

    trust me on this one... he has done this under multiple alliases

    p.s. I will not be visiting YMB for a while because I am become hostile towards people like you and I need to keep calm.

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    • Never ever follow emotional traders. He's allover other boards as well. Maniacal. Never trust them either, even if they mean it well. Don't follow any other trader/investor anyways. Always make up for yourself. I also post opinions and predictions by time and of course we all can be wrong, but guys who start insulting and can't stand some critics on their posts are rarely reliable, just wishers.

    • I know him from other boards and he is indeed a big liar

    • Somebody kill this thread please. I'm tired of looking at it.

    • I don't know Omne, but I've been corresponding with him here and on stocktwits since I bought FREE. I have no idea if he is genuine or not... this is the internet after all. Keeping that in mind I'd like to add a few points to this:

      1. My personal opinion (and this could change as I trade longer) is that people who complain about "pumpers" are just bitter for some reason... maybe they lost money on the stock. I could be wrong, but I don't see how an individual is going to meaningfully manipulate the price of a stock by swaying a bunch of small-time retail investors.

      2. If I'm wrong about point #1, then how is that a bad thing? If you spot someone pumping a stock, and you believe that pumping it up works, then buy it and set a tight trail stop on it... make money. Seems like a no-brainer to me. We consider ourselves savvy traders if we spot price manipulation by a large investment firm and ride it to the top... what's the difference here?

      3. There's no shortage of people on these boards adamantly telling you to do this or do that. Why are you ostracizing Omne? I'm ONLY defending him here, because he's innocent until proven guilty in my eyes. I'm waiting to see how FREE plays out over the coming weeks. If everything he's said winds up being BS, then it's BS... I won't pay any attention to him after that. But, I was already long in FREE before I even knew he existed. If anyone here bought shares because of something Omne said WITHOUT DOING SOME HOMEWORK, then that was a silly thing to do.

      I haven't looked at his posts about CERP, and I probably won't because I'm not trading CERP. I read his posts, like everyone else's, and decide if it makes sense to me. Anyway, just my two cents. I'm not trying to start anything here... I just think we should all be working together.

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      • JD,
        He admitted right on the CERP MB that he lied, and made it all up. This guy is a flake of the 1st order.

      • How nice of you to stand up for him. I once did that too and he knows it. You will one day understand that his posts about "only being able to release this much"are all bull shlt. I have tried numerous times to help him from cerp and also when he decided to bring his money here. I even told him then to make money on free while is up because this is not by any means a good investment. This stock goes up and down as fast as you can take your pants up and down. As far as me losing money... of course I've lost money on stocks but never on free, I also never really lost money at cerp because when I did sell for a loss was after I had already doubled my money on cerp twice before, which omne also knows is true since I do post most of my purchases and sales. Just to give you a little about me I've made money in most of my trades even when I sold for a loss. The only 2 trades that I've lost significant amounts of money on were schs which everyone lost money on and ytrv which I am still holding for either write off or hopefully one day someone will buy the shell and pump it again. I did in fact do plenty of research on schs but obviously not enough on ytrv. Good luck to all and learn to save your capital and not fall in love with your stocks.

      • The most pertinent point, on a personal basis, for me, which fasttruk seems to have completely missed, is that, IF I wanted to travel from board to board, lying and mesmerizing everyone with my magical words into buying a particular stock, BUT, as has been demonstrated by another poster through copy/paste, I openly admitted that I hadn't been completely honest about the number of shares I owned in CERP on the CERP board after I'd sold my shares in CERP, why would I consistently use the name Omne-something or just plain Omne (it's an old name that I went by when I was young and playing in bands and painted ... I signed my paintings and drawings Omnesion ... I just thought it was a cool name because omne is latin for "all"). Anyway, I don't use any aliases on here that don't have some variation of Omne in them, and it'd be a bit stupid to not change my name if I was trying to be the master manipulator that fasttruk seems to have accused me of trying to be.

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    • Also, why don't we just wait and see if I'm lying? Anyone who wants to bail now, I won't think a bit less of you if you do.

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    • That just not true. Wow. I have one alias, and this is it. Before this one, I deleted my old one (Omnesion). I still use it on Stock Twits, and I use Omne on SA. I'm not lying about anything. Sorry you can't see the problem with ZNGA, but that's low.

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      • I'm not putting you out there because of ZNGA. Let me remind you that my ZNGA core is at 2.59 and my recent purchase of 3.27 is still in the green. Now to the reason I am putting you out there is because people at CERP trusted you with all that bull shlt you fed them with and one day you pumped it enough to take a smaller loss and bailed. Your problem is that you fall in love with a stock and get greedy. Greed is a very bad thing, it makes you do shlt that you will regret as you get wiser my friend. I have said this over and over again. Do not do what I do, simply watch and learn.

        The lying part comes from the fact that you do NOT even have half of the money you claim to trade with. Also you don't have, never had, and never will have inside information to leak. No one will trust YOU with that kind of info.

        Good luck to you and I really hope you learn something from this before you go broke.

        let me remind you what I told you in the past so everyone here can see it too.
        I traded FREE in the past, I saw this thing go up 11 bags in a week, then I saw it drop 99% in a week.

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