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  • sharpeiweb sharpeiweb Dec 2, 2013 6:41 PM Flag

    Does anyone remember this?

    'by omnedeusexmachina • Oct 31, 2013 7:32 AM Flag
    I will be clear about this, and I won't argue any points, because quite frankly, there's nothing to argue about. This isn't conjecture on my part, I have been cleared to make this information public by all parties, but I do not have the authority to discuss/argue individual points or answer questions: 1.) The proposed RS (the one spoken of as a forgone conclusion) in the proxy will occur. 2.) The RS is not going to be enacted this year. 3.) The RS is not going to be enacted in order to meet Nasdaq listing compliance, as the company fully expects to be in compliance before it is enacted. 4.) The RS is being enacted to decrease the number of OS shares. 5.) In this particular case, the RS can be viewed as a very positive occurrence for shareholders, not only because it is not an instrument to meet Nasdaq compliance, but because it will prove beneficial to an investment deal that is in the works between another party(s) and FreeSeas, Inc. 6.) You may assume from this post that the information I have stated here will be discussed at the shareholder's meeting on Nov. 14th, and that they will also reveal the contents of their balance sheet at that meeting. 7.) You may also assume that they will post a very positive earnings report as the result of the previously mentioned deal(s). 8.) I repeat, I will not answer questions or provide any information beyond what I have already stated in this post. Happy trading and good luck to all.'

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    • Honestly, this is over done. Who cares about this stuff and stop bringing it up. It just starts drama and nothing more. Let's try to figure out stocks not who said what and when.

    • I've stated that I was lied to several times and misled myself by FREE management, myself, and when the new CFO came in and started cleaning house, which will be good for FREE in the long run, I realized it and I sold THAT DAY. I don't know what your deal is, Sharpie. If you let one person like Fasttruk turn you on me like that, you've got more serious issues than I do. These are message boards. ANYONE can lie at ANY TIME. You know that. I know that. And anyone else with any sense should know that. Context is everything. I could go back and dig up stuff that you and probably everyone else on here has posted and post it out of context to help make the point I want to make and it would look like that person is lying. The difference is I just don't have the time for it. I've tried to be candid and honest and helpful to all of you. If you don't want my help, just ignore me. I'm not pumping or bashing this stock. Today, all I've done is try to keep you guys from misleading a lot of the new blood. My guess is that you know that and that you WANT them to be misled, so that you can get the pps up and get out ASAP. I've warned the newbies multiple times now. I feel I've done all I can. Just shut up about me and mind your own business and I won't bother posting on this board again. It's stupid and petty and frankly time consuming. Get a life. Or better yet, make some money instead of wasting your time on these boards trying to one up everyone else. No one is impressed. THEY'RE STOCK MESSAGE BOARDS!

    • Yeah, ever since September I have pretty much avoided him. He goes back and forth. I remember him saying the RS was good, now he says it's terrible. Just depends on the day ya ask him!

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