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  • donny318 donny318 Oct 24, 2009 3:48 PM Flag

    $7 nuro shares


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    • Jeff...i was just would make a great rep ..and make TONS of cash...people dont realiza sales isnt about hustle or some special skill set (ok a little) but mostly about passion.

      You sold me.

    • No, except that I would like to be a sales rep or distributor. I think it would be the easiest sales job in the world.

      I am tying to get some contacts is the sales area, but just on my own.

    • Thanks dont have involvement with the firm do you? Just asking..

    • I heard from another poster that he sold 100,000 of his shares out of a very large position he bought at 10 cents and he was surprised that the mm took all the shares without a drop.

      On the other hand, warrants at 63 cents will be called soon and the investors redeeming them will have al lot more shares to put into the float. That could cause a slight drop.

      I am not a day trader or trying to time the market. I still think it will be a $15 stock or more in 24 months(remember NURO at $40) , so getting it at 20 cents less if you could is not in my thnking.

      The biophotonic technology is being promoted for as many areas as possible because it is so much more effective and less invasive.

      Remember the esophagus cancer application will follow in 2 years or so, so this stock is not a one trick pony flame out. The disposables could easily generate $100 million or more per year.

      I spoke to a cancer specialist yesterday and he says the medical market will jump all over this device when it can be sold in about 6 months in the US.

      I can't predict the price tomorrow, I just can't see the stock worth less in 6 months than now.

    • Jeff think I should pick up some more today? expect a correction or drop soon?

    • Send me an e-mail at and I'll put you on my update list.

    • THIS is the type of information that should be shared on this board. NOT the start of this thread.....

      Thanks! Any more info you get on this please send it to me!

    • Plus its up another 5 cents today!

    • I saw a tip on it from Stockshaven and asked some MD's I know in Miami where trials were done about it.

      They loved it and said every cancer center, OB-GYN, and FP doing colposcopy would have to have one.

      The total dilluted shares with exercised warrants is in the 40 million range, much less than most penny stocks.

      Plus, why would the National Cancer Institute "give" them $6 million if it wasn't the only way to save the 4,000 women a year dying fom cervical cancer after they discovered from their own research that the current PAP and colposcopy miss almost a third of cervical cancer with current tests.

      Sales of 5,000 devices in a 250,000 market will generte $100 million in revenue and $25 million in disposables per year. Do the math. Earnings of 20% will be about 50 cents a share and a PE of 30 equals $15 within two years. And then it goes higher with the same technology utilized for detection of cancer of the esophagus.

      Bingo - $30-$40 a share possible in a not so distant future.

      Remember when NURO hit $40 on less than $30 million revenue?

      Go to their website and read the research. It is right there and amazing.

      Bottom line, DUE DILIGENCE !

    • How do you know so much about gthp?

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