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    • Netwuiz,

      What was the original business?
      Can you shed any light for us on Mr. Bildner's
      business plan? Isn't there more to it than "Acquire-then
      be Acquired"? What about the Migration Solution (see
      post 1780)?

      Just curious.

    • Chief,

      I will gladly exchange my stock
      knowledge for your insight into Tier, your information is
      far more valuable to this board!

      IMO means "In
      My Opinion". Sometimes shown as IMHO or "In My
      Humble Opinion". Having purchased TIER, I left out the
      humble part -- this is a given!

      The Book Value I
      was referring to can be derived by dividing the
      Shareholder Equity ($70 million) by the Outstanding Shares
      (10.x Million) A key ratio for all the current
      cheerleaders is the Price-to-Book ratio, which is at 1.01 or
      virtually equivalent. This is available in the Profile
      section in Yahoo!

      Stocks rarely have a
      price-to-book ratio below 1.00, so TIER appears to be a VERY
      safe bet at this price assuming their Shareholder
      Equity continues to grow.

      If you were to take a
      Value Investment approach, TIER could be your poster
      child. As a Growth Investor, I more willing to pay a
      premium over book for a strong performer. I usually only
      pick stocks with consistently strong price
      performance. When I stray, I usually pay (as with

      If you wish to buy at these levels, you should not
      lose money as long as we stay clear of a Bear Market.
      However, I don't think you'll make as much as you would
      with a strong stock.

      In any case, I agree with
      the cheerleaders in one respect. There is no reason
      to sell -- NOW!

      Good luck

    • <EOM>

    • I too also USED to work for TIER back in the
      "good 'ol days". TIER used to be focused on who and
      what got them to where they are (were). Once the
      partners decided they wanted to take the company public it
      was down hill from there. The company immediately
      began to focus on $$$ instead of quality consultants
      and top-notch work. They began treating their hourly
      staff like dirt (even the original staff) and went with
      Mr. Bildner's new business plan. The direction of the
      company is, and has been since day #1, to go public and
      set itself up to be bought. Once they lost sight of
      their original business, it was down hill from

      Many of my collegues have left the company without any
      of the promised stock options. The environment was
      just too frustrating for most of us to watch what used
      to be a great company fall from grace and become so
      focused on the $$$ it hurt them. Kind of ironic, don't
      you think ?

    • IMO = in my opinion
      IMHO = in my humble

      Book Value is the total assets minus all liabilities
      (if the company was liquidated, conceivably how much
      cash would each shareholder receive?) See link below
      for a somewhat current book value on

    • Dear bandersnitch,

      I do thank you for your
      lenghty replys to me. They were very helpful. However, I
      did not understand something you said. You said,
      "there is very little downside risk to buy now IMO."
      Just what do you mean by "IMO".

      And another.
      What does it mean to talk about "book value" of a
      stock. The shares I own have printed on them "$0.05"
      cash value. Surely, that is not what "book value"

      I too, hope Mr. Bildner can turn Tier around. The
      people who made Tier a great place to work are not all
      gone. Diluted maybe but not gone.

      I wonder if
      the cost of operations when Tier set up development
      centers in Phoenix and Walnut Creek caused them to
      experience some overhead costs that they had not
      anticipated. If so I would have like to hear them admit it in
      their propaganda.

      Thanks again in advance for
      your reply.

    • <EOM>

    • Chief,

      Thanks for the insight on Mr.
      Barton. He sounds like an interesting individual. I think
      the shareholders would be better off if he were still
      in charge -- he has my vote! It sure sounds like the
      employees would be better off as well.

      To answer
      your question I will relay a short story of my own. I
      happened to be in your hometown airport last week
      listening to the stock market news. A man was there with
      his teenage son. When news hit that his major holding
      had been trashed that day, his son asked if he owned
      that stock (knowing full well that he had just bought
      it). When his dad playfully acknowledged the obvious,
      his son replyed "Good news dad, your stock has hit
      rock bottom and is on the way back up!" His dad
      replyed "timing is everything".

      Perhaps the only
      advice I am qualified to give is NOT to buy low and sell
      high. Unfortunately, this is a case of "do as I say
      versus do as I do". Cheap stocks are cheap for a reason,
      as we found out. Since the IPO, Tier has become an
      acquisitive company. I think the US acquisitions have been
      very good. I am uncertain about its international
      purchases. SOMETHING caused the earnings shortfall, but the
      question is -- was this a short term glitch, investment
      for the future, or poor management?

      I would
      not buy TIER until these questions are answered.
      However, there is very little downside risk to buy now
      IMO. I just think you should invest in stocks that
      have a better chance to succeed.

      Let's hope
      that Mr. Bildner can prove me wrong.

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