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  • Seems to be reasonably priced at $20. Surprised there have been no comments lately. I just took a small position. Will add if it falls into the teens.

    If the world economies hold together (no recession) and demand for semiconductors stays strong (as it currently is), the logic companies should start ordering equipment again. "If" only we knew!

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    • I agree with you that this stock looks fantastic value , as does KLIC , TER , AMAT and NVLS .

      I have never seen the P/E , P/B, P/Sales and cash flow ratios so low on these semi stocks in the twenty years I have been watching them.

      All of these stocks are highly cyclical as you will see from a ten year chart of any one of them I am confident that they will spike upwards due to an order surge sometime between mid 2008 and late 2009 . Why ?
      Becasue all electronic gadet makers , be it mobile phones , video games or whatever will be preparing their special strategies to catch the wave of human optimism and mini euphoria that will accompany the 2010 new decande milestone . Sure , it will be nothing like the Y2K event , but we no not need that to make 50 % on these depressed stocks still selling at 1997 prices.

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