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  • silveroof55 silveroof55 Mar 15, 2003 1:24 PM Flag


    The next 3 months do not look good at all. After that, who knows. A friend of mine was just asked to take a 2 month layoff from the Spring Lake plant. I hope it is only 2 months. We will see what they say next week. This co. sure has a high P/E. This industry may never recover to what it once was. I just bought an office chair all leather made in Italy for 69$. I worked for this co. in the late 80's and early 90's in management. Still have a few friends who work there. Good luck to all.

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    • Good point. The institutions have been selling and probably will continue to sell in the near term. Good luck to all. Take a look at GNTX. The auto industry is hurting but this is a great company.

    • Let's see. You're behaving badly, with name calling and the like. This suggests a lack of confidence, despite your bluster, as well as a lack of imagination. If you're buying here for the long haul, your hands had better be both strong a patient. You're likely to see your investment cut substantially in the months ahead. I think the weak hands will prove to be those institutional investors who need to park their money in a safer place.

    • You have made money shorting MLHR and you say you are the only ones making money on this stock. Your window is narrow son and time will prove you to be a loser. Weak hands have provided buying opportunities for averaging down on MLHR. The stock will recover and your Loser Wolf Pack will be long gone to the next prey, while MLHR longs win the day.

      Now thats the facts jack!

    • A valid "sell the news" approach. I don't like to fight a chart of a heavily shorted stock, even though in the longer run, down is the direction. A patient short hand will win over time, although i prefer to get in and out. The risk for me is that i will at times miss a sharp drop on disappointing news, which just might come today after the close.

      And to Fostercase: We shorts are the ones who have been making money with this stock lately. Don't read our posts if they bother you.


    • cramer_shorted_rogaine cramer_shorted_rogaine Mar 18, 2003 11:49 PM Flag

      I think that this is all the pop we are going to see. I take the contrarian point of view. If the heard thinks it will pop they will buy the market up in anticipation of a rally. When the hour comes, the ones who bought are the ones who would have run it up anyway. When they look around and nobody is buying, down she goes.

    • Well, looks like the shorts gave in on this one. (I did, anyway, just below 16.) For the time being. Once the "quick war" euphoria has run its course, though, it will be time to get short again. I expect this to reach single digits in due course.

    • I agree with you that the next few months are going to be difficult. In fact I think the rest of the year will be very tough, however we are in the trenches everyday fighting for every deal that exists. Most of them are 50 to 300K battles where we use every ounce of brain power and energy we have to win and we are winning them. Hopefully all HMI dealers out there are in the fight and giving it everything they've got. Now as to you buying a $69.00 chair, take that piece of Office Depot trash back and go to a HMI dealer and buy an AERON. At least you will be sitting in a great chair for at least 15 years instead of having to replace that junk in a few months. Plus you will be helping those friends of yours at HMI.

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