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  • fosterscase fosterscase Dec 16, 2003 5:27 PM Flag

    Crack in the Dike for Miller?

    I have not posted for some time now after giving ZigZag 'What For' some months ago when Miller was in the teens. As a long standing advocate of this companies products, I must say that when I heard today that Miller's largest dealer in the southeast was promoting and selling a 'clone' product, Riviera, to none other than the dealers home county in a multi-hundred thousand dollar deal, it made me wake up and smell the coffee.
    Miller has lost its grip on its top tier dealers and with that no doubt their story mirrors Steelcase now. Sad to see this happening to this one, of the Big Four, that I thought was going to stand head and shoulders above the rest. With the 'clones' moving in there goes the ball game and I now favor the shorts. Word to the wise sell now and take the money, 04 looks like a disaster in the making. Good luck to all.

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    • Hello PV, last note for the evening. When you recommended investors BUY BUY BUY this morning, you must have really meant B'BYE B'BYE B'BYE, based upon the results after hours. Great call.


    • Gard, I applaud your spin and would have been with you a few months back. However your missing the point. Until this rogue situation is handled, there can be no positive spin as far as I am concerned. Miller either fixes it or it will fix Miller.

    • Stands for- The Business and Institutional
      Business Manufacturers Association.
      Talk about hard times, take a look at Virco's
      statement regarding the qtr. They are in the
      educational and govt. end, one MLHR expressed
      interest in entering through an aquisition.

    • Ivy, thanks for the BIFMA info, although I do not know who they are. This relates to the entire Industry as you depict it. What I have been adament about is disloyalty from Miller's dealers. The buck stops and then begins again with their loyalties, this Rogue admits to the violation like its a badge of courage. I think the badge of courage is to leave with the Gal that brought you. This arrogant dealer PV (he does not rate VP) hopefully gets this now and if not he will remain a PV while he awaits my call.

    • BIFMA reported in September that shipments
      were down 7% for the first eight months of the
      2003 and it seems only S&P paid attention.The
      dealers surely knew the deal though.

    • My goodness, you sure are arrogant! Obviously your fine rogue dealership is not selling enough Miller product, maybe the 2 or so million shortfall in sales is due to your efforts. Get back to work indeed, who are you trying to impress, certainly not us investors with the results rendered this evening. I think I stand vindicated for my strong sell advice to all. Have a fine evening Rogue!

    • Always interested in facts, I searched for messages posted by "fosterscase" to find those past positive comments on MLHR. The only thing that an author search shows are the seven recent posts? How can I find your previously bullish posts?

    • Sorry. 10Q not K.

    • Calm down boys(or maybe it's girls). The wonder of these boards is that you can appear to be whomever you wish to be. You can talk as if you were successful, when you actually weren't. You can talk as if you know what you are talking about, when in reality you're just trying to sling dirt.

      Fostercase, the unwritten rule though is that when throwing slanderous accusations you do not use names, either of individuals or companies. I am an investor also, just like you say that you are. I find it hard to believe that as an "investor" you just "heard"
      about this sale. I don't believe this sale was listed in any HMI annual report or 10K. By chance might you formerly be invested in Miller's Pension Plan? You do sound rather disgruntled. Have you "heard" about any orders lost in Calif, NY, Fla. or any other part of the country.? Quit whining.This probably was not an order lost, just one that wasn't won. There's a difference.

      I would disagree also with your statement that Miller is losing their top tier dealer loyalty.
      I'll bet that this dealer busted their tail trying to sell HMI product, probably making numerous joint calls with their local representation. As an investor, I realize that these times are difficult, and you can't win every order. It is imperative though, that Miller and it's dealers work as hard as they can together, trying to get their product specified at every opportunity. That's what will be good for all investors.

    • You have awfully deep opinions about how Herman Miller should be distributing for someone who has never worked with them, Pal. The facts are that you are misinformed. You are correct, you don't know much about us---which explains my venum when you call us out by name, Mr. or Mrs. Investor. Who is slanderous? I can assure that if you think a high producing Herman Miller dealership is bad for Herman Miller (or aka. a rogue dealer), your opinion is misinformed as well.
      The best fit for Herman Miller is a dealer that can sell the most Herman Miller, not ONLY Herman Miller. We proudly lead with Herman Miller and take offense to your rogue dealer comments. I would be glad to discuss this with you at length, 770-621-6650. Otherwise, I'm back to work selling Herman Miller---quite successfully I might add. Over and out!

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