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  • bakerstheman bakerstheman Mar 8, 2004 6:57 AM Flag

    Martha guilty, MLHR to drop!!!!! Ziggy

    I think she has an Aeron chair in her mansion, so surely this is the message from God that MLHR will finally go to single digits this week as we all knew it would eventually.

    After all this time, I'm starting to understand your sophisticated research methods, Ziggy.

    Thanx for the insight, and sorry it took so long : )

    P.S. And if you go to debtor's prison, maybe she'll be cooking your meals for you. Another good strategy of yours!

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    • Whats heavier, a pound of concrete or a pound
      of steel?

    • >>...something the industry thought would never happen due to weight and bulk restrictions.<<


      We import STEEL, for God's sake!

    • >>I'm starting to understand your sophisticated research methods, Ziggy.

      In defense of "the Zigger" (and no, I'm STILL not short this thing, but am awaiting a technically attractive entry point), NOTHING predicts office furniture sales better than employment growth and new office construction trends, and NEITHER has been showing any improvement whatsoever.

      So, what's YOUR "sophisticated research method"?

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      • I spend more effort on the company and their leadership and their products as compared to their competition. Pretty basic. Yes, the industry is not all rosy, but there aren't too many that are all rosy these days.

        This is one industry with a reasonable chance to sustain itself from the Chinese invasion; the labor content vs. shipping cost for office furniture (not talking cheap shelving, I mean REAL office systems)is relatively favorable as compared to autos, radios, etc. And a typical office system consists of thousands of individual parts in numerous color combinations, sizes, etc., and reliable delivery is critical. This would be very difficult to coordinate from China without oppressive inventory positions onshore here. So in relative terms, this is a healthy American industry, even tho job and office creation is not robust.

        Sorry if that is too pedestrian to use such homespun logic. Sounds like something Warren Buffet would say.....

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