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  • iluvhmi iluvhmi Jun 29, 2004 11:01 AM Flag

    I can't figure out the shorts

    I have been watching this message board for about three years. While I admit I am not a financial genius like some of you out there I can't for the life of me figure out why anyone would short this stock. Try this out, buy at the 21 - 23 range, sell at 26 - 28, you might make some money instead of predicting that it will be 12 by some future date. Oh well, at least you provide entertainment while I make lots of money.

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    • I covered in May, though am building another
      position currently. This stock is actually very
      volatile considering the low volume, and not
      day to day, but large swings over a 30 or 40
      day period. Just look at a 6 month chart and no
      more need be said.
      MLHR along with its peers and many techs built
      all their value through growth between 95 & 98.
      Everyone knows that was the dotcom era, likely
      not to be repeated. So while growth looks
      impressive coming of the bottom, I still
      question its sustainability and question a
      valuation that reflects times past.I would love
      to have access to figures of MLHR chairs sold
      between 95-98 vs. 99 to present, just as an
      MLHR has a much larger short ratio than HNI,
      and even SCS for that matter.It's not all Zig.
      With dotcom spending gone,telemarketing on the
      outs and white collar hiring questionable, the
      long term demand for furniture will likely be
      unremarkable, and become value oriented.
      Even brokerages have foregone their image phase
      for one of value and profit.

    • No, Zig's dementia dates back to at least October '01 (his first appearance here) and seems somehow related to an ugly experience with Gateway customer service, or some such nonsense. It might also have been the result of medical research gone bad (sad what some are driven to do for a few bucks), but he refuses to talk about it. In any case, he's been predicting the end of civilization (and single digit share price for MLHR) for close to three years, non-stop, on virtually every Yahoo mid-to-large cap stock chat board. This latest stuff is tame in comparison to some of his earlier rants, but still funny.

      On a more serious note, it is rather sad to see him "recommending" everyone of his own posts--how small his world must be.

    • Your logic is incontestable. If everyone on this board followed your logic, there would be nothing further to say about MLHR. Hmmm, as you say, the entertainment value is fun.

    • ......or buy at the 15-17 range! :))
      Good comment, I am also wondering about these guys with this $12 obsession and daily negative comments!!!

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