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  • brianvenis brianvenis Jun 27, 2007 5:48 PM Flag


    Just after hours (after 4pm est) they just realized that their stupid bet/prediction/dirty shorting schemes are wrong!!!

    mlhr reported great impressive earnings!!!
    (+32% earning increase and +9% sales increase!!!)

    but around 4.30pm those dirty bear/put shortie manipulators put their own dirty scheme by bidding at their fix-ed manipulated price $32.70 and also put their own asking price at $32.80!!! way way below 'real' today's actual closing price of $34.97!!

    then ...after some real smart investors bring back the after hours price to $34.47 then .....

    those dirty bear mainpulators did it again .......

    the same thing!!!

    they put their own bid and asking price (buying and selling to themselves) in very very minicule shares quantity at their fix-ed price manipulation of $32.70!!!

    they are criminals!!!!

    worst price manipulators!!!

    be smart everyone!!!

    don't fall to an easy victim of these criminals by selling your 'value' mlhr shares cheap!!! (by following their dirty manipulated fixed price of $32.70!!!)

    great mlhr shares have true value of $45 - $55!!!!

    strong buy!!!!

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    • The stock isn't down because of the earnings, it's down because they lowered guidance for the next quarter. Expectations for next quarter was 57 cents, management gave a range of 47-53 cents. midpoint of the range is 50 cents, 7 cents below expectations, or 12%. yahoo has a book value of 2.70 for MLHR, so, if you take out the 2.70, multiply the rest by 88%, (100% minus the 12% lowered guidance) then add back the 2.70, you get a valuation of $31.10 per share. That is not to say that MLHR will trade at 31.10, there may be mitigating factors for the lowered guidance.
      If traders were playing games by lowering ask, you'd think that other traders would have jumped in there and bought at the lowered price. I show 80,000 shares traded between market close (4:00) and 6:00, 2.8 million dollars worth at yesterday's closing price, surely (if it was just manipulation) longs would have snapped that up, running the price back . After all, theres only a 6.6% short interest which leaves a 93.4% long interest.

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