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Orbital Engine Corp. Ltd. (OE) Message Board

  • darrowby85 darrowby85 Dec 7, 2001 3:29 PM Flag


    The finger pointing and name calling here has been getting a bit rough as of late. You blokes who get your jimmies out of that sort of thing should switch over to the WWF board.
    No Holds Barred!

    Average volume in the States Friday excepting the 153,000 dumper at the open. He must have a week long holiday coming up.

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    • Darrow, the attackers who like to do nothing other than make personal attacks on posters who take a critical view have gotten out of hand. The guys love to do it to this board and then run back to the cult club board and complain about the nonsense over here. They are the ones posting the nonsense who can't engage in a coversation on OE. It is very hard to prove that a company that has nothing but losses and has a share price near all time lows is a great investment or a well run company. Many of those cult clubbers get very upset when you attack their God.