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  • prayinman2001 prayinman2001 Jul 9, 2002 1:10 PM Flag


    You sold at a loss? Why? Were you influenced by this board or did you just decide Orbital was doomed. I am down on Orbital also but still own my stock. One must ask himself why he bought and if those reasons still exist today. Almost all stocks are way off last years highs with no negative specific news. You better reconsider and get back in. I will sell my orbital at a profit or see it go belly up. This is real technology not high tech hype.

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    • Orbital now has real potemtial. On the evidence published, the coming year will probably show a slight profit but may not. After that it will improve quite rapidly.

      Why, then, is it languishing around 30c (Au)? The main reason is that after the disappointemnts of the last 2 years, the institutions decided to sell and have continued to dribble stock onto the market so that there is plenty of cheap stock to satisfy the individual investors without the price increasing. This may still have some time to run, judging by the Commonwealth Bank's continued selling.

      It must be remembered that Orbital is a small stock and the institutions can live without it. Once bureaucracies like the institutions make a decision, it takes concrete evidence to turn it around. It is rather like a battleship. Also, the young analysts making the recommendations are unlikely to race to their boss and say "hey, I made a big mistake, start buying Orbital", it is not a big enough deal.

      The institutions will not re-enter until there is a demonstrable move to profit, and it may be 2 years before it is significant enough for that. But I do expect a reasonable boost to price later this year as the news gets a more solid basis behind it.