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  • jimbobrdnk jimbobrdnk Jan 17, 1999 1:30 PM Flag

    Coupla things...

    I apologize again if I offended anyone with my
    reaction to the convertible news. That was not my

    However, I am certainly *NOT* going to thank OE for
    redeeming the convertible. The decision to use this type of
    financing in the first place has likely caused me several
    thousand dollars. I am not going to *THANK* OE for not
    losing more.

    I am also not going to thank them
    for releasing this at the worst possible time. It was
    a slap in the face of every investor, and I can't
    believe people aren't offended. OE has done you no

    OE is in better shape today than three days ago, no
    doubt. But as someone pointed out (and then thoroughly
    beaten up), OE is still not in good shape. Four days ago
    everyone agreed that the lack of a 4S deal was a killer.
    Today no one still thinks so? Why not? The BHP overhang
    is still an issue as well. Oe's future looks a lot
    less *bleak* but not a lot *brighter*.

    people on this board only want to hear good news, and
    exchange pleasantries, that's fine. I happen to think that
    the value in these boards is in gaining access to
    every piece of available information, good and bad.

    It seems to me good investing is all about trying to
    continuously determine if the good outweighs the bad in an
    investment. How can you do that with hearing the bad? Why
    wouldn't you want to hear it? Will ignoring it go

    I don't think so. I am still very concerned that
    OE's opportunity may have passed. If so, convertible
    or not, there are better places for my investing
    dollars, and yours.

    So sorry if I ticked folks off.
    Good luck with your



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    • us all on a wide variety of subjects and
      certainly keeps the juices flowing. What I like best is the
      wide range of opinions that have been expressed, and
      for the most part, in a pretty civil manner. I've
      even detected a bit of humor now and then!
      I hope
      this board will continue to be as informative as
      possible...and that means sharing bad news along with the
      We certainly are not all going to agree about
      everything...but I hope we can all benefit from the experiences we

    • Yes OE made a mistake and you lost money if you
      sold. That was your choice. Yes OE announced late in
      the day.Their last four press releases 1)SUNDIRO 7:30
      EXPANSION 11:41 all eastern time how do you think the
      Australian and German shareholders feel. Yes there is the
      BHP overhang,and they will sell someday, so will
      everybody,if the fundementals are there the shares will be
      absorbed without disruption to the share price. Yes they
      havent signed a 4 stroke, do you think they dont want
      to. Yes they are in better shape today than any time
      in their history, they are up to 14 licensees (paid
      for), they can't force those CO's to go to market with
      products.OE unfortunatley has become a long term investment.
      It will not suite everybodies criteria for a

      • 1 Reply to rfritz10
      • I agree that the timing was very unfortunate;
        but, when you trade on a global scale their is not a
        lot that can be done. I believe the company should
        make the announcement public as soon as the ink hits
        the paper. If they would have tried to keep this
        secret until the market opened on Tuesday it would
        surely have leaked out and given others a chance to buy
        the stock at low levels.

        Anyway, the bottom
        line is, a market that runs from 9:30 - 4:00 does not
        adequately serve investors in a global marketplace. Our
        markets have not prepared for this and it will be awhile
        before there is 24 hour (or some similar version)

        Also, I have never tried to trade through
        instinet, but this would have allowed you to buy on Friday
        (if they trade ADRs?)