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  • dirty_arry dirty_arry Feb 22, 1999 12:03 AM Flag

    I saw an interesting foursome at the gol

    Four guys in Orbital teeshirts hitting off in the
    same group.

    They looked like executive chaps to
    me. Now why weren't they at work as it was the middle
    of the week?

    They appeared in good spirits -
    maybe a signing is on the way?
    I suppose it was good
    PR too with those shirts.

    Hopefully they are
    better at management than they are at golf. Bloody golf
    balls flying all over the place, except where they were
    intended to go.

    Would have asked 'em to send a
    shirt to Maverick but I couldn't get close enough
    without wearing a golf ball.

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    • Not every Asian company is rolling out the
      welcome mat.

      In October, Hyundai, South Korea's
      largest auto maker, beat out
      cash-rich Ford Motor Co.
      to take over bankrupt Kia Motors Corp. Kia officials
      said Ford was disqualified because it offered to buy
      the stock of Kia's commercial vehicle arm, Asia
      Motors, at a price lower than its face value of $3.78 a

      Other U.S. companies found themselves in the
      middle of expansion plans when the Asia crisis hit. Yet
      both GM and Ford went ahead with plans to build plants
      throughout the region.

      ''If not now, when?'' said
      Ford spokesman Tom Hoyt. ''Is there going to be a
      better time? There is never any guarantee.''

      American firms are also hoping to take advantage of
      regulatory changes in Asia in order to expand their presence
      there. In 1997, Indonesia repealed a program that used
      tax breaks to favor an automaker run by the son of
      then President Suharto. The move was one of the
      conditions for receiving bailout money from the
      International Monetary Fund.

      GM says it is interested
      in selling sedans in Indonesia. ''It is
      that we are definitely looking at,'' spokesman Leggat

      Asia's crisis has also resulted in lower
      prices for imported goods, which helps companies based
      in the United States that rely on foreign parts for
      cars, computers and other products made here.

      U.S. firms that have their sights set on overseas
      expansion have also been benefiting.

      Cheaper land
      prices helped clothier Eddie Bauer open five new stores
      in Japan last year. The Gap did even better,
      doubling its presence to 31 stores in Japan. ''Customers
      have really responded well to us,'' said Gap
      spokeswoman Kristy VanKoughnet.

      Yet as Asian
      currencies regain their strength, U.S. companies may find
      fewer good deals. Sohn, the economist, thinks the
      window for buying opportunities in Asia is ''gradually

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      *** end of
      story ***

    • (COMTEX) B: U.S. Companies Expand in

      NEW YORK, Feb 23, 1999 (AP Online via COMTEX) --
      While the Asian
      financial crisis has been blamed for
      falling profits in the United
      States, it has also
      opened the way for American companies to sell
      in Indonesia and open more Eddie Bauer stores in

      A number of U.S. businesses have seen the
      crisis as a chance to take advantage of lower costs of
      investing in Asia and a greater openness among some
      companies there toward foreign ownership.

      the Asian crisis much on the minds of Asian political
      leaders, Western companies have more leverage in
      negotiation,'' said Greg Mastel, vice president and director of
      studies at the Economic Strategy Institute in

      The crisis began in Thailand in 1997 and has
      spread to other Asian countries, pushing them into deep
      recessions and forcing banks and businesses to

      With South Korea pressuring its big
      conglomerates to unload assets and improve their financial
      standing, Hewlett-Packard Co. last year bought Samsung
      Electronics Co.'s 45 percent share in their local joint
      venture. Now, the computer maker is betting the worst is

      ''The indication is things are about to get
      better,'' said
      Hewlett-Packard's chief economist,
      Richard O'Brien.

      In one of the most recent deals,
      Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co. announced Feb. 3 it was
      entering a global alliance with Japan's Sumitomo Rubber
      Industries Ltd. that would restore Goodyear's place as the
      world's largest tire maker.

      General Motors Corp.
      credits the crisis for helping it increase its stakes of
      Japan's Suzuki Motor Corp. and Isuzu Motors Ltd., from
      3.5 percent to 10 percent and 37.5 percent to 49
      percent, respectively.

      ''American and European
      companies have descended upon Asia and picked up companies
      here and there at pretty good prices,'' said Sung Won
      Sohn, chief economist at Wells Fargo & Co.

      However, the hard times haven't necessarily meant bargain
      prices for Asian businesses. ''It's not so much the good
      deal; it's that the companies are open,'' said GM
      spokesman Rob Leggat.

    • Did you notice what nationality these chaps were?
      I ask this because it could give us a clue if
      Mitsubishi folks are consulting with Orbital. It�s summer
      time in Perth and winter in Japan. Good time and place
      to discuss business. Besides, Japanese investors may
      still own Pebble Beach Golf course located along the
      cost of central California.

      A point to consider:

      What is
      the difference between a bad golfer and a bad sky
      A bad golfer goes whack, "CRAP", a bad sky diver
      goes, "CRAP". whack!

      Let's hope they were better
      golfers than PR "sky divers".

      A point to

      Mitsubishi may have the engine head configuration to
      accommodate OCP central injection. There could be synergy in
      collaborating for market share. OE customers could use
      Mitsubishi's head configuration design/concept and have the
      option to employ either HPDI or OCP. This could provide
      more flexibility for the auto-makers to accommodate DI
      in their product line. This thought is obviously
      very simplistic since there are very many other issues
      to consider. A collaborative effort could serve both
      companies to realize royalty income sooner. Any thoughts on

    • Do you know you can buy Orbital teeshirts and
      caps from the company. I think the caps costs

      What were you doing at the golf course? How come you
      weren't at work? Did you spot any Japanese guys there?
      Did you listen for accents? Sorry mate, just trying
      to make a detective out of


    • I think most the sell is done for awhile we
      should trade up for awhile I do think. Guess playing bad
      golf is not bad as long as they were happy lookin.
      Thanks for the post from down under mate. I wish my ford
      truck had OE injection on it that way I wouldn't have
      to own so many shares of Chevron. OE will be around
      again I have not given up.