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  • deaconblues007 deaconblues007 Nov 21, 2007 8:23 PM Flag

    Closes down AH -1.24 @ $42.......

    This is not looking good near term. I am not concerned since I've own DISH for years. But I can see it possibly retreating to the $32 range or even lower for several reasons. One is I don't believe ATT will make an offer Ergen will accept, i.e. any less the $80 a share. I believe churn will worsen over the next several quarters or more due to the debacle in the mortgage industry with DISH subscribers losing their homes and thus their DISH subscriber ship as they eke out a place to live and pay their bills which won't leave many of them much money to spend for Sat TV or even cable. And we have this awful TIVO suit still looming over investors heads. Only God knows how that will turn out and if it turns against EchoStar it could cost us a lot. That includes money and subscribers.

    With ATT having full knowledge of these events / problems and much much more that us retail investors are not privileged to, I can't imaging them to even consider a bid for DISH at this point. At least until the TIVO suit is resolved. Or if Charlie is willing to sellout between $50 & $60. And I highly doubt that will happen.

    If it does implode to 32 bucks or even less, then view it as a fantastic gift and buying opportunity.

    JMHO everyone!


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