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  • deaconblues007 deaconblues007 Nov 17, 2009 5:20 PM Flag

    Why I switched to DIRECTV

    And if anyone does switch to DTV, they will soon realize the big mistake they made with higher prices and inferior receivers. PLUS, their customer service sucks big time. They don't even have dual receivers. I've had several friends switch from DISH to DTV and now they have to pay the price for doing so in more ways than one for the next 2 years. How sorry they are now. But they wouldn’t listen to me. They bought into the bogus DTV commercials and told me how much better off they thought they would be than staying with DISH. So I said…. “Go ahead. Make the switch but don’t bitch and moan to me afterwards.” Guess what they are doing now? YES! bitching and moaning. So now they have to reap what they have sown.

    It really sucks to have bad TV.

    Ask those whom made the awful mistake of going from DISH to DTV and then going back home to DISH where they had it made in the first place. They will tell you the truth. Unless they are complete idiots. And there are plenty of them out there too!

    BTW, I am not a current investor in DISH stock. Sold a few years back when it was much higher than it is now. So I have nothing to gain by this post except for helping people to avoid making a big mistake and hopefully deter them from being sucked in by the evil shorts that lurk on this board for their own greedy needs and could care less about DISH investors or those who are just DISH customers looking for information.

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