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  • sigunka sigunka Dec 8, 2009 2:42 PM Flag

    Why I switched to DIRECTV

    Can't believe all the customer's dissatisfaction. We have no fancy t.v., started out with Comcast, now with DirectTV.
    I don't use the charge card to pay it, just my check, I get what I asked for, love football but refuse to pay for the sports pkg., watch the game when the Steelers are on the local station, never have had to call for service, it works just great, have two t.v.'s, different rooms, pay for one get a credit for the other. What's to holler about? I did see my one neighbor just picked up Comcast before they charge for the local channels and know my other neighbor always asks for a lower price than Comcast wants and gets it. I am waiting for the shoe to drop hard financially on us since Comast bought up the other company...will they raise it for us who watch these channels, or will the govt. step they won't step in. No one helps the little guy. Personally I want to throw away the t.v. and computer, save that money plus the electricity, and you won't have me.

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