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  • fedler50 fedler50 Oct 3, 2012 9:21 PM Flag


    there you go

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    • dish needs a partner to the dance. we know there needs to be consolidation. i think dish is a consolidation play. either they sell the spectrum or they share a network or they are bought....but something if going to happen. dish isn't going to blow $7 B to build out yet another nation wide network. that simply isn't going to happen. they are going to use the spectrum to leverage some deal to make them a player here. or just sell it.

      1. AT&T.....could do some sort of MVNO, possibly. but does AT&T want to help dish or do they just want to buy the spectrum?
      2. verizon. just wants dish's spectrum.
      3. sprint needs could be the right partner.
      4. clwr is a lost cause. someone needs to put them out of their misery. sprint is just waiting for the right moment to screw over the rest of shareholders. no one really wants their spectrum i suspect, at least not right now, perhaps in 6 years when there is a real spectrum crunch.
      5. tmobile. they are desperate. i can see dish doing something there.

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      • 1. MVNO with ATT...
        DISH is currently an authorized retailer for CLWR, so there is synergy with S and CLWR already.
        TW and comcast selling/sold their shares only hints that this relationship is stronger than it seems. We will find out for sure on DISH earnings report.
        S has VOIP patents and has won its lawsuit over Vonage... TW and comcast are next.

        DISH can grow without much capital (but less profit) just by going with S MVNO, but can be more profitable with being a top tier MVNO with S with investment.
        2. agree with #2
        3. S is going to be profitable by late 2013, early 2014. It is a cash cow by adding postpaid accounts (about 1.4 million per quarter) unlimited 4G with iphone.... no brainer here.
        4. CLWR will receive 900M to roll out its LTE, that costs 600M from S, so S is not letting CLWR go for sure.
        5. T Mobile lost 7.4% of its customers last quarter, and will continue to bleed its postpaid base... DT will receive a new shell after the merger, and DT will have its exit strategy. PCS deal of $4 per share payout, 1 to 2 reverse stock split, and then receive 25% of the newly found company only shows PCS is in more dire straits than T Mobile.
        Just check out the PCS massive insider selling recently. It will take another 6 months at the earliest for the merger to happen, and T Mobile will only be in a weaker state.

        I am long S and CLWR.

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