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  • nivegulu nivegulu Oct 6, 2012 7:18 AM Flag

    "The Fall of the Stupid Network" from "thestreet"

    "In demanding competition between incompatible networks, with each network owner carrying all its own costs, the FCC is demanding something that can't exist. Today's wireless market is practically a duopoly, a shared monopoly between AT&T and Verizon(VZ) Wireless, both of which stay afloat only with monopoly pricing. "
    "Now there emerges a possible savior with a cunning plan. The Financial Times' Deal Reporter says DISH Network(DISH) has been poking around the wireless bones, looking to craft a "triple play" of satellite, wired and wireless broadband, that it might sell at one price.
    By selling programs or channels or blockbuster movies using the bundle Dish could turn bits into services. Just as voice calls are a service. Services bring more money than bits, maybe even enough to justify a continued network build."
    Clear would do well in going with Dish because the combined entity could shakeup the wireless world (duoply mainly). Clear should forget about S and let hesse jump into leap's lap after his counterbid for pcs is rejected by tmob.

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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