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  • nafta07 nafta07 Oct 15, 2012 2:07 PM Flag

    Cause for Second Pop in Three Sessions?

    "Clearwire shares are up 37 cents, or 16%, at $2.68, and rose as high as $2.96, clearly anticipating some benefit, if not now then down the road. Given the emphasis placed by both Sprint and Softbank on rolling out faster 4G wireless service, of the “long term evolution,” or LTE, variety, it would seem Clearwire’s network and spectrum might be important to the two. Sprint has already committed to paying Clearwire hundreds of millions of dollars for future LTE services, as noted in Clearwire’s most recent 10-K."

    Dish is a big holder of Clearwire debt , not to mention the spectrum Dish holds.

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    • Of the 11 debt issuances Bloomberg has listed for Clearwire, only three were trading meaningfully higher a bit earlier today when DISH equity was up 4%:

      1. $2,027M of 12% Dec. 2015 bonds +6.250 to 105.750
      2. $730M of 8.25% Dec. 2040 convertibles +4.681 to 99.095
      3. $500M of 12% Dec. 2017 bonds +6.000 to 114.188

      The problem is that even if DISH owned 100% of the $3.3B in debt cited above, the principal gain this morning would have been only about $191M, whereas the earlier 4% pop created an additional $605M in market capitalization.

      Even if it is assumed that $200M of the $605M gain were attributable to beta (e.g., from above-consensus consumer spend numbers this morning), you'd still be shy by over $200M. I checked the holders of the three mentioned debt issuances, and they appear fairly widely held. DISH definitely does not own 100% of the paper, so the gap is much larger than $200M.

      The debt holdings may be helping DISH equity, but it seems like only a small part of the story. Something else is going on.

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      • Sprint Nextel Corp. doesn't have any immediate plans to buy Clearwire Corp., and shares in Clearwire fell sharply in early Tuesday trading.

        Bloomberg reports that after Monday's announcement that Japanese telecommunications giant Softbank Corp. is buying 70 percent of Sprint for more than $20 billion, the two companies are going to focus on completing the deal.

        Shares in Kirkland-based Clearwire (NASDAQ: CLWR) fell more than 18 percent in early Tuesday trading to $2.18 after rising from $1.30 just a few days ago.

        I guess that takes the CLWR debt off the table........

      • There was a news article on dslreports I think about dish selling spectrum to sprint, possibly....but that doesn't make sense since they haven't gotten approval must be for only a portion.

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