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  • mplecas7 mplecas7 Aug 8, 2013 1:29 PM Flag

    Close out lightsquared takeover, then what's his move?

    After Ergen completes t the extremely bargain bidding takeover of lightsquared, which he will as all the other major players who could've potentially counter bid have.already made recent acquisitions of large enough proportion to render them excluded from moving on additionaL spectrum, after that being out of the way Ergen along with his,majority is in the.drivers seat as other than Falconer who isn't adequately funded and has his plate full with the FCC, other than him there are no other parties of interest in the lightsquared proceeding with an interest in ownership, simply want their investment back along with a nice little profit and they would be more than happy. The FCC is happy as their agenda of increasing both broadband access across the nation which satellite can do better for.rural area along with their much desired increase in wireless competition, and as Ergen showed, playing the part, he's been trying and failing at acquiring the means to produce such
    So what next? I personally,believe that Regen is.not really interested in,running a full wireless provider service, rather I see his agenda as developing a high quality, high capacity mobile data network with which he could utilize much the.way that lightsquared's vision explained, a very innovative and unique vision in which device manufacturers or more appropriately service providers could.attach their products to this data network so to offer an already inclusive fully functioning offering.
    In other words Didn't TV everywhere experience which is already leading the industry based on advanced technology could finally deliver upon t the concept being sold to consumers which is far from the reality much the way that Ultraviolet has yet to even come.close in delivering upon the theoretically described concept.
    Dish could provide the first and only, not to mention most worldwidely consumer aware brand ever to exist in the home entertainment industry, deliver a VOD storefront

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