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  • mplecas7 mplecas7 Aug 19, 2013 3:33 PM Flag

    Dish/DTV likely to form partnership, this force steered by Ergen through Dish w/ also form TMUS partnership

    I don't see a full blown merger between the 2 satellite pay tv providers, yet the benefits are clearly there. A partnership could go along way in providing negotiating leverage with content producers as well as with TMUs upon negotiating some form of partnership as the massively increased sub count thanks to adding DTV's #'s would be close to that of T-MOBILE's and following the lightsquared acquisition Dish's spectrum holdings and data network capabilities would likely be greater than what T-MOBILE currently has.
    So DTV has incentive to partner up based on the increased subs, but as that more benefits Dish DTV would also be very excited to work out an agreement based upon Dish's willingness to allow, for a fair fee, DTV to be included in accessing the newly developed and deployable mobile data network to be utilized as an industry first data inclusive tv everywhere experience to qualifying subs. This offer would be unmatched regarding it's data inclusive offering which delivers a whole knew element in the tv everywhere battle raging, but further and possibly greater will be the level of supremacy in which the data is delivered to consumers, producing an experience yet to exist. Delivering video in full 1080p HD in an uninterrupted streaming experience, no buffering issues, as well as amazing 5.1 dolby digital sound. Not to mention capabilities to deliver not only in 3D, but also thanks to the latest compression of h.265 4K delivery will in fact be a reality, obviously this would not likely be utilized much at this time and if it were than it would be to the home tv, none the less this groundbreaking, game changing element brought forth by Dish would surely insure the negotiations of an alliance or partnership upon some conditions or another between first DTV and then that force could enter into T-MOBILE negotiations with great strength and massively powerful weapons with which to offer as their side of what's brought to the table.

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    • the leveraging of satellite providers may not be FCC friendly. DISH does not currently own Light Squared and the TMOBILE infrastructure would require massive investment to handle more bandwidth and the expansion of network. Under all accounts TM is an inferior system to Verizon and even ATT. How does Ergen plan to put the bandwidth on the road without improvements to the network? that is why DISH put in a belated bid for Sprint: improving network and substantial bandwidth. He was a little cheap in his offer which has now limited his options.

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      • So what would you suggest, just keep things simpler as Dish sticks to themselves and focused on their agenda?
        You're probably right, complete the lightsuared take over, deploy that network with adding in Dish's current spectrum and do whatever is necessary to complete anything needed in order to be able to deploy the network in the manner it's described on the lightsquared website.
        From there Dish/Ergen will have their own personal mobile data network which was developed theoretically as a source for CE manufactures, service providers, & so on to liscense use of a wholesale 4g network which they could use to indendently provide data, or offer mobile data included offerings, such as a CE manufacturer selling their tablets with say 1 or 2 years of free data or for a ccompany like Netflix or Hulu to tie in mobile data with subscriptions.
        Dish may be best served by simply limiting the network's use to their own products such as their tv everywhere as well as a fresh and very uniquely positioned Blockbuster branded digital storefront. By utilizing it this way there would be limited expense yet limitless benefits as these offerings would be taken to a whole new level, delivering something that no one else comes close to, furthermore delivering a consumer experience currently unavailable regardless of the data usage fees incurred as there is currently no service, no provider capable of delivering a mobile data viewing experience capable of delivering an uninterrupted movie viewing pretty much in any quality, but without a doubt 1080p HD viewing with 5.1 Dolby digital sound buffer free is just not a reality that currently exists, though it could if Dish utilizes the LS2 network + their spectrum soley for their customers the ability for the highest quality viewing experience available would be easily handled without any bandwidth limitation issues or congestion problems any time of the day.

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