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  • gould1963 gould1963 Aug 21, 2013 11:06 AM Flag

    Technical Analysis on Dish ?

    Looks like the head and shoulders pattern has been confirmed (end of June to today) - below the neck tie.

    With losses (when is DISH not going to buy satellites - one time cost? my....) and number of competiters growing leaps and bounds daily - Hulu, Netflix, Apple TV, Cox, Warner, Google, Yahoo, DTV, You Tube... ect infinitum...

    How about the providers calling the shots now, and no way to team up with DTV to squeeze them - least the cries of MONOPOLY or unfair trade. Speaking of which the Cable providers must allow competiters to use their plant to deliver internet service... Guess that the same may apply (sooner or later) to the bandwith DISH has... so there may be ZERO value in DISH's holdings. Sure DISH can own the spectrum (like cable compaies own their plant)...

    Personally Ive been looking for a reason to short DISH for a while (Friends kids complaing about some Zombie movie that is no longer on DISH) = bad management.

    BTW no one said how Buffet picked up shares of DISH, Probably got them when he bought out some company which already owned the shares. No report if he still owns them...Besides MSFT was a pro at buying a few shares to steal inside info and then dumping the stock.

    WB announcing ownership just before selling the stock would be a good thing. Im with DISH MANAGEMENT on this one and selling, selling, selling!

    I am hort DISH for many reasons

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    • Its not so much a H&S as a continuation pattern with a new support level being built in a sideways consolidation. Bollinger bands and MA channels help confirm 65/35 bullish/bearish TA setup. A ten percent move higher over the next 3 months is in order if the break to the upside does take place. There is substantial downside support established. From a business structure, potential for M&A, and new business prospects perspective, DISH looks like a fair to good bet to move higher over the next 12 months imo.

      DISH has several options including to develop into a new type of operator outside of the the mold of the 'mobile operators'. However, DISH has not demonstrated the ability to build large scale terrestrial networks. Ergen/DISH have give only limited guidance on potential options. I advised several months ago that DISH/Ergen should be looking to alternatives to acquiring their way into a mobile operation. Frankly, I didn't see how that would be easy except for DISH to become a subjugate player. The two primary options now are to sell a consolidated spectrum portfolio, sell the entire company, or build upon the spectrum using a different product mix that wraps up upcoming 802.11ah and existing WiFi compatibility/roaming, LTE, and existing 3G through roaming agreements. If DISH can figure out the device side well enough to take part in both existing feeder markets and emerging 802.11ah including backhaul and 900MHz and, perhaps, white spaces integration, they might become a very disruptive force in a time frame of 3-4 years out.

      The centerpiece for the strategy would be the long-considered 'rooftop' multi-mode/carrier band relay device with self-back-haul where its useful using multiple bands including up to the 60GHz band. The market-deployment dynamics are similar enough to satellite to fit with DISH's operations. However, the outcome depends on putting the value proposition together. I think it should be able to be done but companies must prove it.

    • IMO. Anything DISH combines with, Charlie must be in charge.

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