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  • mplecas7 mplecas7 Sep 27, 2013 1:35 PM Flag

    once ls2 acquisition and buildout is complete we will see Hopper's full capabilities

    With their own private 4g data network Dish will not only be able to deliver the unmatched offering of data inclusive tv everywhere making use of the highly competive pay tv plan accompanying offering in a way never before possible, providing access without any concern by consumers of using too much mobile data thus running out or incuring addition charges which are so extreme that they render use us of such a service void execpt over wifi, Additionally individuals with tablets lacking a data plan presumably will be able to enjoy the benefiets of the most technologically advanced form of such a service tha is know included in some form or another with all pay tv services.
    Beyound this huge game changer there are countless possibilities, of courxe Blockbuster while be brought back from the dead to be placed back upon their long held thrown of king of home video, for in the era of Ultraviolet prices, quality levels offered, content and length of rentals will no longer be defferienciators between competing services as they will be for all practical purposes the same. The means of differenciation will require innovative thinking and will primarily come down to advertising and promoting, yet BB will be the first and for some time the only storefront with a truley valuable defferienciator in powering it's own data delivery, that to go along with the most recognizable brand to ever operate in the home video industry and a brand ready to be embraced again.
    Moving on we have all kinds of possibilities and potential alliances such as an example Dish could work with Pandora to allow their subs self powered data delivery of music, then theirs utube, facebook access, email access, and on and on. Who knows how it will be played, but I assure you this has always been the direction as it makes no sense for Ergen and Dish to spend Billions just to jump right into severly competive markets when they could easily build on the LS2 concept whereby possesing the only such weapon.

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