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  • mplecas7 mplecas7 Oct 25, 2013 7:21 PM Flag

    pretty amazing what Ergen manages to pull off, also money talks w/ much greater force than who likes whi

    Ergen continues to basically have his way w/ the FCC as he keeps managing to manipulate his spectrum holdings picked up dirt cgeap, steadily transitioning them into much more valuable assets through the assistance of the FCC and the granting of waivers allowing for changes in the use of spectrum acquired so inexpensively due to those very challenges and limitations which are being altered.
    One major strength he has on his side is that of being aligned w/ the same aim as the FCC, increasing compitition in a market that is seeing only the opposite and having basically nothing other than Ergen and Dish as anything close to a potential force of disruption and new compitition.
    Regarding comments that no one likes Ergen or Dish, well not too many major studios or pay tv providers are too fond of Netflix yet we continue to see more and more deals being done with them. For a more direct example, not too many content producers cared or care for the Hopper and it's autohop feature yet we continue to see these sources of content liscence to Dish as they are the 3rd largest pay tv provider. Furthermore we steadily see Dish coming out rather well from various retransmition fee disputes with minimal disruption to the availability of any if the content involved in these tense negotiations.
    Bottom line is that business is business not personal. Finally, Dish will succeed in efforts to deploy a mobile broadband network in some form or another and when they have they will have produced a very appealing consumer offering.
    I don't see it being an offering so greatly lacking any consumer appeal as some have stated, to the contrary in fact. As all major pay tv providers clearly see as shown in their race to deliver the best tv everywhere experience, this is high amongst consumer appeal and a provider capable of selling mobile devices which are powered by an abundantly capable data delivery network able to stream the highest possible quality audio and visual content rules.

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    • When they say it isn't about money, it is about money. Cash in the hand talks.

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      • Exactly, this is why Ergen will be able to do much more with LS2 assets than Falcone, with two strong corporations in Dish and EchoStar insuring deep pocketed capabilities as opposed to simply Ergen as is the case with Falcone and Harbinger, 11+ million subs already counted as well as current spectrum holdings that make a much stronger case for the realistic ability of a new competitor entering the market with the addition of LS2 spectrum and some help from the FCC who shares the same goal as Ergen.
        Some question how likely it would be for Dish subs to use a Dish wireless service as presumably all Dish subs currently already have wireless service and many of those being on a contract with one of the 4 major providers. Well I would say that basically every Dish sub would end up using Dish's wireless service, for those on prepaid plans it would be immediately and those on contracts would likely wait until their contract is up to switch while some may cancel their current service to switch to Dish who would likely offer some sort of incentive to do so such as covering or reimbursing any cancelation fees.
        Who wouldn't want Dish's service if packaged properly so that pay tv subs see irresistible advantages to doing so, I believe that the offering will produce such a Cadillac entertainment experience that Dish will actually see increases in their pay tv subs as a result.

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